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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac on it's way

Tropical Storm Isaac is on it's way to hit landfall and we are right in the center of it. We are a bit north of the coast so really with a TS we should get a lot of rain, maybe some power outages. Considering our power is prone to go out when the sun is shining this is something we take into consideration. Having been through several hurricanes and oh so many tropical storms we take each one seriously and there are certain preparations that we do to ensure that things run smoothly. So here is our prep list for the next couple of days. 1. Make sure all animals have sufficient bedding so that if there is some flooding into their housing they are still relatively dry. 2. Make sure there is sufficient water in all barns so that we are not having to tote water during the storm. 3. Make sure that all animals have sufficient hay since they won't be able to get out and graze. 4. Fill bottles with water and fill empty spaces in the freezer so that if the power goes out the freezer can stay cold for a few days. Those frozen bottles can also help the refrigerator stay cold. 5. Cook sufficient food so that we have plenty of leftovers to heat and eat if the power is out. 6. Make sure that the grill is on the porch so that it is accessible out of the rain. And make sure there is sufficient fuel for the grill. This is an easy way to heat meals, make coffee (I will not miss my morning coffee), etc. 7. Make sure that all oil lanterns are filled, flashlights have good batteries and candles are already out and ready for use. 8. Check the batteries in the radio. 9. Make sure all gates are closed and latched so that they don't blow around in the wind and damage the hinges. 10. Get out games and things to entertain the children so that they are handy and we aren't trying to see what we have to pull out by flashlight. These are the main things, I also have to finish harvesting the peanuts! And there are a few other little things. We really don't expect much more here than lots of rain and like I said power outage. Minor nuisances and there are preparations that are always on hand for bad weather situation so those don't need to be attended to. Mostly what we have to do around is involves making sure the animals are secure, dry and comfortable. So that is about it for us. Hope those of you in the red zone are prepared for whatever you need to be prepared for. Along the coast you will have a much bigger list than mine. Blessings, Kat

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