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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Will True Israel Please Stand Up?

I am so tired of the lies and deceptions. Christians in America have become Zionists and they don't even know what it is that they support. When a Christian proclaims to support the state of Israel in today's world they think they are supporting the true tribes of Israel of the Bible. What they are really supporting is a communist regime committed to the genocide of the nations around them. And don't think they will stop there folks, if they are allowed to continue, then the rest of us are fair game also. We in fact, here in America have already been infiltrated long ago. So getting to the gyst of my post, who are the true tribes of Israel and where are they? I asked people yesterday if they had any idea who they were. I was talking about Christians and the Christian nations around the world. Do you truly know who you are? Or do you believe what you have been told by those who have stolen your identity? Let me explain our heritage a little bit. It will take awhile, but worth the read. So here goes:

Where and Who are the Tribes of Israel
Until God changed Jacob's name to Israel, there was no Israel. (Gen 32:28) Jacob had 12 sons and through the course of time they divided into two kingdoms.
The Southern Kingdom was made up of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, but were called Judah with their capitol at Jerusalem. Most of this tribe were taken into captivity by the Babylonians. This was the time of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel. This was also the time when the tribe was corrupted by the gentiles/heathens such as the Khazars (Edomites). More on this later.
The Northern Kingdom were made up of the other 10 tribes. They were called Israel and their capitol was at Samaria. Because of Idolatry God placed them into captivity with Assyria. I Kings Chapters 11-14 are talking about this. Then in Deut 32:26 God describes how he will scatter them, talking about Israel, to the corners and make them forget who they are and all remembrance of them be lost. In other words God took Israel, let Assyria conquer them, then he scattered them all over the world and made them and everyone else forget who they are and were. So where were they scattered?
They were scattered all across Europe. Italy, Scandinavia (the Vikings), the British Isles (the Celts and the Gauls), the area of today's Germany (Britains and Saxons), today's Denmark (the Angles), today's France (the Normans). That is where they went. And so who populated America? The lost 10 tribes of Israel. We are the lost tribes of Israel, we are God's chosen. Not those who call themselves Jews, but aren't. There are very very few legitimate descendants of the tribe of Judah in the Holy Land today and the rest of us have a new name, Christians, and have been forgotten for thousands of years. Here are the verses that speak of this:
Rom 11:25, Rom 9:27, Is 62:2, Is 62:12, Is 65:15, Jer 33:16, Acts 11:26, James 1:1, 1 Pet 1:1-2. They are all speaking of or to the 10 lost tribes, us, Christians.
Now if you are of Scottish or Irish descent there is more to the story. Lets go back to the Southern Kingdom, the tribe of Judah. Gen 49:8-12 designates the tribe of Judah to be the royal tribe. This is the tribe that Jesus Christ descends from. Is 65:9 Says that God will bring out of this tribe an inheritor of His mountains and His elect shall dwell there. Jer 33:16-26 speaks about the two chosen houses of God. Gen Chapter 38 is the beginning of this journey. i have copied and pasted the story along with the documentation for accuracy sake.
It all started when a very grand lady by the name of Tamar had twin boys by her father-in-law (permissible under Old Testament Hebrew Law {Gen 38:24-27}). A lot of people judge Tamar as a woman with a low moral reputation. This is because they don't know all the details of this complicated story. In the birthing process, it appeared that the one twin (Zerah) was going to be born first as he put out his hand. The midwife put a scarlet thread around his hand to mark the firstborn child. To the midwife''s amazement, the other twin (Pharez) proceeded to come out first. It was always of the utmost importance to identify the firstborn in the case of twins, for the firstborn received the birthright. Today, both the Irish and Scots claim the emblem of the hand with the scarlet thread (or the red hand), showing they are of the Zerah branch of Judah. To bring you this 3,500 year old history, we will be quoting from various authors who have written various phases of this history.
If you will remember, Judah was to be the royal tribe as shown in the below Scripture {Gen 49:9-12}.
Gen 49:9-129 Judah is a lion's whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?10 The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.11 Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes:12 His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk. (KJV)
With this passage, we can already see more symbology of Judah appearing. To get started with this almost forgotten history of the Irish (as being Zerah Judah), we will quote from Father Abraham's Children, by Perry Edward Powell, Ph. D., pages 98-101;
"Let us put it in a different way, here is the beginning of royalty. What else does scepter mean? Judah led in the conquest of Canaan and received the first and choicest portion. David raised it to pre-eminence over the tribes and the nations. He is the first king of the Judah-Pharez line, and he did not appear for seven hundred years. Was there and is there an older line of royalty? The answer is, Yes. The Judah-Zerah [line] was royal from the beginning. The two royalties are now merged and have been for centuries in the British royal house. And how long shall we have royalty? ''Until Shiloh comes.'' [The future] Shiloh came to Bethlehem, the first Advent, and will come again [as Shiloh] at the end of time, the second Advent. Royalty is eternal. The throne of David is everlasting. There is no royalty in Europe but descends from Judah. And the Judah-Zerah royalty is, we repeat, seven hundred years older than Judah-Pharez because it began at once. You can read Genesis 38 to see how royalty began [but there is much more to talk about].
Another great event is recorded in Genesis 46:12, [if we dare mention it]. Here we can read the census of those of the family of Jacob who went with him into Egypt, eventually into Egyptian bondage though they did not know it at the time. Pharez took with him his two sons, (which did not include Shelah). Now Zerah went alone. No son accompanied him. We will see where the son later traveled. Here is the inference and the conclusion, The Trojan-Welsh by-passed the Egyptian captivity, and all other captivities and have never been in slavery to any man, in any land, at any time. (Slight changes or additions in brackets above)
Zerah's son Ethan, very wise, and indeed this line of Judah-Zerah is the only royal line termed wise, on the other hand led his people north, from Egypt where he was born, into what is now Asia Minor, and his son Mahol continued likewise. Mahol's heir, Darda, reached the western shore, where on a commanding site, he founded the metropolis of Troy. The date is 1520 B.C. Here the city flourished for nearly four hundred years. Darda first saw the straits that separated Europe and Asia and gave them his name, Dardanelles. Darda also founded a fort here that is named after him. But the greatest honor is recorded in the Bible: "And Solomon's wisdom excelled the wisdom of all...For he was wiser than all men...Darda, the sons of Mahol" {1st Kings 4:30-31}. Thus great was the founder of Troy and the sire of the Trojan race whose children abide with us still. Troy fell because her sons had an eye for the refined and beautiful in woman (sic). Her descendants have that exquisite eye still and are naturally very proud of the accomplishment. ..." And Solomon's wisdom excelled the wisdom of all...For he was wiser than all men...Darda, the sons of Mahol" {1st Kings 4:30-31}When Troy fell she did so to arise on another shore in eternal and imperial splendor. We are not referring to Italy. That empire though long was ephemeral (short-lived). Italy is an interlude only. Aeneas, a member of the old royal family, attained the kingship, led the saddened Trojans around the Mediterranean Sea, as graphically described in the Aenead, and finally brought them to their new home on the Tiber in Italy. Including this Italian interlude, the Trojan period embraced 417 years.
Here on the Tiber happened a very sad event, too sad to be recalled, and would not be except for its denouement (final outcome). Brutus was one day hunting with his father Silvius, when he spied the prey, as he thought, and let fly an arrow. On running up he was shocked and grieved to find that he had killed his own father! Some people then, as now, were censorious and Brutus departed from the new colony, from which later sprang Rome, and with his royal followers, went to Greece, rallied the enslaved Trojans, defeated King Pendrasus, thus erasing the defeat of Troy, and as victor exacted these terms; he must give his daughter Ignoge for wife, furnish a big fleet of ships fully provisioned, for his emigrant force of seven thousand men, and free permission for them to sail unmolested. ...
Brutus, now with an object and direction, steered west through the straits (pillars) of Hercules, then northward along the east Atlantic main, across the English Channel to the present river Dart, and up its stream to Totnes where stepping on a large stone he landed on the great island which was ever to bear his name as a memorial among the proud nations of the world. This rock, more famous throughout the centuries than Plymouth Rock, is marked as Brutus Rock, and has been visited perennially by people of all nations, all ranks, and all ages. With his people he explored the whole island and he apportioned to each one according to his rank and services. At last he decided the proper place for his capital, a choice bank of the Thames river, so named for a stream, Thyamis, in Epirus from which he first sailed, and there he built his metropolis, and according to the advice of the oracle, he named it Tri Novantum, New Troy. This name it bore for over eleven hundred years when King Lud at the beginning of the Christian era built her walls and renamed her Luddun, Lud''s wall, easily refined into London. London is also derived by some from Llandin, meaning ''Sacred eminence.'' London dates from three hundred-fifty years before Rome. Why should Rome be called the Eternal City?"
If you are of Irish or Scottish descent, this history, as told here, may seem strange and wonderfully astonishing. We are sure many of you have never heard anything quite like this, or were never taught anything remotely comparable in school. We really shouldn't take the word of one writer concerning this history though. In the booklet, Our Neglected Heritage, "The Magnet of The Isles", by Gladys Taylor, vol. 3, page 27 we read this:
"The Reverend William Milner, in his chart of The Royal House of Britain, gives the two grandsons of Judah, Calcol and Darda, as Cecrops and Dardanos. The more we study the classical references to these founders of cities, dynasties and legal systems, the more they appear to resemble Calcol and Darda, who were the children of Zarah, a migrating section of the family of Judah, the sceptre tribe. Were the grandsons of Judah beginning to put into effect the responsibilities of their tribe as kings and administrators? ...
After the fall of Troy, the royal house of Dardanos was divided and scattered. Caesar claimed descent from Aeneas and Virgil wrote the Aeneid to proclaim this fact. From Ascanius Julius, son of Aeneas and Creusa, daughter of Priam King of Troy, came the Julian family of Rome and also Brutus the Trojan, grandson of Ascanius, who gathered together a band of Trojan exiles, soon after the fall of Troy and traveled westward to Britain. This could have been a considerable migration. From a wealth of Greek and Latin literature dealing with the departure of the Trojans, notably the Trojan Cycle, listed by Proclus in the second century A.D., we gather that Aeneas departed from Mount Ida with 88,000 Trojans and built a fleet of 332 vessels. We leave Aeneas in Italy and follow Brutus and his companions to Britain."
What this information is telling you is, if you are Irish you are directly related to the Trojans, or if you are Scottish, you are indirectly related, and both the Irish and Scottish are direct descendants of Judah, or Israelites.
So if you are of Irish or Scottish descent then you are also descended from the royal tribe of Judah as well as one of the lost 10 tribes of the northern kingdom. Now I know you are asking why doesn't anyone talk about this. God has recently (within the past 60 years) or so begun to take away the veil of forgetfulness. To me this is proof that the books of Daniel and Revelation have been opened and that these are indeed the last days before Jesus Christ's return. The International Judaics have worked diligently to hide this and call it a lie, and most people believe what they are told instead of researching for themselves. Just like most Christians believe that Eve ate an apple they believe that they are just heathen peoples that should bow to the International Judaics as the founders of our faith.
One more thing to make clear. The word Jew can mean two things, 1. someone born to the tribe of Judah or 2. someone who has adopted the religion of Judaism. It is wrong to call Jesus Christ a Jew in the religious sense of the word. He was a Jew by bloodline and birth of the tribe of Judah, the royal tribe of God. He had nothing to do with the Jewish religion. This is the meaning of Rev 3:9. Those that call themselves Jews are not of the bloodline of Judah, but instead have adopted the religion of Judaism based on the religion of Cain the son of satan.

So that is it in a nutshell. For a much more in depth read I highly recommend A Bible Story by Pastor Peter J. Peters This article is fabulous with quotes from our founding fathers and much more Biblical documentation. Please I am, pleading with Christian America, learn the Truth, stand for the Truth, and get rid of the lies. It is time to purge America of the false prophets that have invaded and to reclaim the identity that has been stolen!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for spreading the truth! So very few seem to know these details; this is a breath of fresh air!

Kat said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. It is very difficult to teach the truth in today's world of ultimate deception. May God bless you in your journey.