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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Monday, December 8, 2008

Truth about the Confederate Flag

In today's society many people think that the Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of hate and white supremacy. It is anything but that. This flag is a symbol of heritage, both black and white. R.J. Wilkins of Miami, Fl., a black man, stated that the flag was a testimony to men and women who would rather work hard and shed tears than take charity from the government. In other words, this flag stood for people who were willing to have a work ethic and not afraid to sweat, bleed, and cry to do an honest days work. We seem to have forgotten that these days. Americans have essentially become a shameful lazy bunch, repeatedly dependant on the Federal Government for their food and shelter. This is ridiculous! There was a time when people of all color believed in working hard, living by the grace of God, and upholding the standards and virtues that our founding fathers set before us. Children are lied to about history and Southron children are made to be ashamed of their heritage. I know I was. I was taught in school that because I was of Southron heritage that I was racist and hated black people, yet my best friend as a child was an old black woman named Lucindy. This was confusing to me because I loved Lucindy with all my heart. She was a grand kind lady who had so much knowledge to share with a precocious child who was always eager to learn. The more I grew up the more I learned and then I began learning the truth. Now as an adult, I eagerly seek the truth in all things, not just matters concerning the South. I teach my children the Truth of history not the distorted truth currently being taught in the government educational system. Now back to the battle flag of the Confederacy. It's only purpose at the time of creation was to save the lives of men both black and white who were fighting for freedom, liberty, virtue, and justice. There were many other flags of the Confederacy, but northern historians have wiped the memory of these flags out. They have distorted the real history and covered up the truth. I encourage everyone to learn the truth and these two articles: The Truth about the Confederate Battle Flag by Pastor John Weaver and Truth about Confederate Flags by Leon Puissegur. They are great places to discover some of the Truth about the Southron people and what we stand for and what we stood for then. I for one will never go back to being ashamed of who I am or my heritage. It is like my grandaddy said, there are few possesions that we can carry with us to the grave, truly the only one is the honor of our name. The honor of our name is tied to the honor of our heritage. It is who we are and runs through our blood just as surely as the oxygen needed by our body. In the words of Lewis Grizzard, "Southern born, southern bred, and by the grace of God when I die I will be southern dead." We are not racists here in the South and it is high time that we Southrons stand up for our God, our heritage, our morals, and our values. May God bless you all in your search for the Truth in all things.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Being a Southern born woman myself, I appreciate this. There have been times in my travels that I wish I had been armed with this knowledge instead of taking the word of history books. Not knowing this truth, I still held my head up and was proud of my Southern "roots".