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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Games?! Really?!

Homechooling with games, who knew education could be this fun. We use quite a few games in our homeschool curriculum from boards games to internet games. Old fashioned board games like Scrabble and Boggle are great vocabulary and spelling builders, while Monopoly and Life teach about finance and math. See education can be fun and when you kid needs something a little more high tech to suit their fancy then we can turn to the internet. Some great sites for all things in the educational department are Funbrain and I Know That. Both sites have wonderful games that help your child with whatever they need help with. My daughter was having a hard time learning her multiplication tables. We tried flash cards and drills and whatever else that I could think of and still struggled. Finally, I happened upon these sites and found some games that deal with multiplication tables. Within 2 weeks of playing the game that she liked the best she had her tables memorized and has not had a problem since. Wow what a fun way to learn with no frustration. Even though she doesn't need the game anymore she still likes to play it in her free time. Of course their are more game sites than just these two, they just happen to be our two favorite. National Geographic also has games for kids as well as other popular channels. So think about adding a little extra fun in your home education program and see how quickly they learn.

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