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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Moving the Farm

Well, we finally closed on a new piece of property. It is a cute little farm cottage on 6 acres with a huge barn. It also comes with a 33 year old horse and the resident barn cat. I agreed to let them stay as it would have been too traumatic for the horse to be moved at his age and the cat would not adapt to city life well. It is a little smaller than we initially wanted, but our oldest is grown and our youngest is following quickly. We will have it paid for by the time my husband retires and then if we choose to stay it will be something easily managed. The only thing I really don't like is that it has a pond and I hate ponds because they bring snakes. In our neck of the woods, snakes that visit ponds are likely water moccasins and the pond is right in front of the house. Indeed, we saw three in the pond and managed to kill one. So, I wound up with a pond because the farm had most everything else that we wanted. So far, our adventure in moving the farm has not been much fun. The house has to be completely repainted inside and the new wood floors need to be sealed....all before the movers come next week. We also had an emergency trip to the next state over because my father in law is now in hospice house. It has been a sad week in spite of the excitement of a new place. I don't make changes very fact it is my biggest anxiety. My husband almost had to force me to make this move even though I know it is for the best. I go from being excited one day to sheer panic the next day. The snakes haven't helped...sheer panic. The biggest lesson that I am learning....God has got this, just keep moving forward. So, my husband has been putting up fence and I have been furiously painting. The movers come next week for the furniture. It will take all month to get everything else moved. Needless to say, I am exhausted at night when I go to bed and still sore and tired when I wake up. The inside of the house will be finished this weekend. The barn will be a nightmare. Over 20 years of stuff left behind in this huge barn. Most of it is garbage. Oh, did I mention the best part....we have absolutely no immediate neighbors. We have neighbors on the next road over and a couple around the corner, but none next to us. The land next to us is a very large parcel owned by a doctor in the city. Actually we are one of only 2 houses on our entire road and there is about 6 miles between us. This is awesome in my book! Well, I have to move the pantry today so I had better get busy. Blessings to all and will keep you updated on the move.


Anonymous said...

We have banded water snakes in our area that resemble moccasins. However, they are not poisonous....perhaps that's what is in your pond! One can hope.

Unknown said...

Just drain the pond, fill the pond with dirt and problem gone. I have phobia when it comes to snakes, so I understand. Hang in there, there is no easy beginning, but God is by your side, trust in Him and everything will be fine! Keep praying, blessings are on your way.

Kat said...

Thanks for commenting. I wish I could drain the pond and fill with dirt, however it is a large pond and would cost thousands of dollars to do so. We do like the other wildlife that hangs around. We now have two black rat snakes living on the property, they are welcome. So lets hope that their presence discourages other snakes of the more poisonous variety. Blessings, Kat