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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Burning up the Yard and an Update

Yes, I did. I started what was to be a burn some yard trash fire which almost turned into a nightmare. I had the pile to be burned all nice and tidy with all the straw and leaves raked away from it, so I thought. I stood there for hours watching it burn with absolutely no problems. As it burned down to mostly just a smoldering mass I decided to get a quick shower and then get somthing to eat. After my shower, I checked on the fire and it was doing just fine. No problems at all, still not much more than a smoldering mass. Then I decided to get some lunch and sit down for a little bit inside as it is still hot here. So, after I fixed my food and sat down I sent the teenager out to check on the fire. Not sure if she walked around it all the way or just glanced across the yard. When I got done eating the wind had picked up a little and as I walked out to what should have been a smoldering pile of coals, I saw flames....good sized ones too. Not good. The fire apparently at some point had jumped my break and ignited some of the yard and then gotten into some pine straw which led to my property line and the neighbor's wood behind me. It wasn't moving terribly fast but it was faster, hotter and bigger than I like and it was spreading. I sent the little one in to get the oldest child and we commenced to putting this out before we set our neighbor's property on fire. It too a good 2 hours to make sure that absolutely everything was completely out, but fortunately it looked worse than it was and it didn't take much to have it under control. Just took forever getting all the hotspots put out for good. I have to admit it was a bit scary and my husband came home to us covered it dust, dirt and I am banned from having another fire when he is not home. He is probably right we do both need to be home.

Other than that it is the mad rush to get everything that needs doing done before cold weather gets here. I know....most of you know that I live in the south and we don't get near the winter that you guys up north get. So, I know most of you are wondering why I am so all fired up to have all this extra stuff done. Well, the reason is that my body just does not handle cold well. It is very painful actually, especially in my hands. Even with gloves on I lose feeling in my hands quickly and then lose use of them. So the less time I need to spend outside the better. I know there are things that come up but I try to have everything as efficient as possible. The worst is when we don't have enough wood split to get us through. So this year I am making sure that there is enough wood split even if it kills me. I want to spend most of this winter learning how to crochet, sewing, school with the girls and other nice inside activities rather than outside splitting wood with hands that are absolutely killing me or that I can't feel at all. I also have to get the house know this old finicky house that has to be caulked at re-caulked and sealed and everything else to keep the cold out and the heat in. So, I have been putting up food, making cheese, making soap, caulking, getting in wood, doing barn repairs, getting in hay, etc. etc. etc. It has been busy and next month we have the fair and a good deep clean of the house before we close it up for winter. Busy, busy busy! Blessings, Kat

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