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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cultural Genocide

Cultural genocide...That is what is going on. Not just a displeasure with a certain flag (The confederate Battle Flag) and what they perceive it to represent. This is all out war against an entire culture and what will be next....physical genocide? Because you can never truly eliminate the culture and the truth as long as there are people who can teach and tell the truth. It isn't just about a flag, now they are taking down monuments, and talking about digging up graves. Erasing from existence the sacrifices of so many for freedom from government oppression. Erasing any interest in the knowledge of the actual facts and truth. Not only are they erasing our culture from existence, they are inciting a war and a hatred like none before. I have lived in the south all my life and never seen the hatred that I now see. Signs in front of businesses inciting hate. I have even been called hateful things by complete strangers outside of stores as I walked to or from the store. Well, I won't go on and on about that...I am sure you get the picture. Things are tense. But here is my issue...if they erase all knowledge and all symbols of my heritage are they then going to erase Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks from history. Close the Museums, change the street names and remove any monument or symbol of their existence? Why is it any more fair for those to keep their place of honor(especially the tyrant King)than it is for my cultural icons to keep their place of honor. History is history and those who don't learn from it are doomed to repeat it....oh wait....they already have...Slavery....blacks today just don't realize that they traded one master for another. The federal government is a fickle entity though and when they are done using them, then where will they be. Maybe it is time to quit idolizing the tax evader King and start learning about truly great men like Booker T. Washington or George Washington Carver. Black men that truly spent their lives empowering, educating, and helping to provide the tools for true freedom to the black culture. These two men were truly two of the greatest men in the history of America and yet rarely are they spoken of. Many blacks don't even know who they are. Let's see education vs. civil disobience and the masses will choose civil disobience each and every time. Fine have your civil disobience if you must, but keep your hands off my culture. I have a right to mine as you have a right to yours and I will respect your right as long as you respect my right. Cultural genocide truly is happening and really has me concerned with where it is leading.....genocide of the people of that culture? Where will it stop...whose culture is the next to fall? Think about it folks...this is just the beginning.


Anonymous said...

You are by no means alone. I sympathize with the abolitionist cause-- but I'm old enough to realize that, if abolition had been the prime motivating factor instead of a convenient coat of paint, there would have been no war. I can't blame people for wanting a one-generation way out of Jim Crow-- but I'm old enough to realize that Jim Crow is de facto alive and thriving, in forms that look more like an EBT card than a Confederate flag and also with different groups of people (poor whites, white men, "the disabled or mentally ill") as a captive underclass.

Forced "equality" has been JUST GREAT for people of all colors, hasn't it?? Yes, I am being scathingly sarcastic.

History is written by the winners; what we're white-washing is nothing more than another round of Reconstruction. The same punitive crap that, on the other side of the Atlantic, once made a fertile bed for a young Hitler to grow.

They're fanning the flames of culture war, trying to see if they can make another real war-- and I do believe they are going to succeed, to the detriment of all but the "Masters of War."

I'm sorry I don't have something more hopeful to say, something to lift you up. I, too, am sad, disgusted, tired, and afraid of what lies down this road.

deborah harvey said...

war is stirred up by those who benefit. the benefits go to many layers. we don't know who the top layers are, but we know the politicians benefit.
i cannot understand why congress has ceded all of their powers to the president and the 'supreme' court.
why aren't congress raising as ruckus?
there must be something in the threat of civil war that will line their pockets somehow.

why would people say hateful things to you, author of this article?
are they northerners? what is happening? i haven't seen this here [n.e.ohio] but i don't get out much.

Glenda said...

Another astute post concerning what is happening. There is a segment of society, spurred on by race baiters and white haters, who would like nothing more than to start a race war. Since all of the recent tricks didn't work, they have gotten desperate. If they can destroy the monuments, graves, and historical artifacts of the South, they are counting on someone getting angry enough to shoot some black people and then the all out chaos begins.

These individuals are black themselves and they couldn't care less about black lives. People are expendable to them; it's the ideology of the Marxist Communist regime that counts for them. It is the power, the money, the control, and the ridicule of others that they thrive on daily. It is the evil actions they enjoy.

It is truly sad that the wonderful history and truth of the South is being destroyed by fools. I do not call them such, but the Bible does. Anyone who reads Proverbs can identify a fool easily. Unfortunately, we have a higher percentage of politicians that are fools than are wise.

All of this happened at such a rapid pace - did anyone notice?? It was all choreographed so well to go down so quickly. I see that now they want to remove statues. If those who are so offended by history want to remove historical truth, then let us who know the truth, defend it. If one portion is removed then all should be removed.

If all statues, flags, historical remnants of the Civil War and the Confederacy are to be destroyed, as if they never existed, then let us say this: Those who base the Civil War on slavery and give credit to the North for freeing the slaves can no longer state that as fact. What Civil War? What slavery? Eradicating the Confederacy, eradicates the Civil War, and the very reason they state it was fought.

Why not eliminate the history of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks? What were they fighting for; certainly not equality, because there was no slavery, no inequality, and, hence, their efforts should be eradicated also.

Of course, the Civil War did happen and it was not based on slavery. The Confederacy existed and to try to pretend it didn't by eliminating all of the historical pieces and graves is the highest form of stupidity and group mentality.
Of course, inequality existed and we should never forget either of these historical lessons. This country is as divided now, if not more so, than prior to the Civil War and we have those who occupy the W.H. to thank for that.

It is dangerous, stupid, and foolhardy to continue to purge forward in the manner we see the politicians going in ridding the South of it's white cultural heritage. Someone will end up dead and soon, unless common sense prevails and the hatred toward whites stops. Pray, pray, pray.