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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Frugal Things Done for June

The garden is producing like gangbusters and I have been busy busy with it and with children. Petunia our oldest is now look out world here she comes. The pool is open so we are trying to make use of that while we can. Little britches thinks she might like to be on the swim team so we will let her try out in August. I haven't accomplished many great things in the way of frugality, but there have been a few. Here they are:

1. Used several coupons to save about 10.00 at the grocery store.

2. Used grocery store fuel perks to save on a tank of gas at the gas station.

3. Made a pair of too short jeans into shorts for Little Britches.

4. Made an old hippy skirt of Petunia's into a summer dress for Little Britches by taking in the waist (now top) and adding shoulder straps.

5. I have been purging again so I sold a few things that we no longer needed.

6. Stocked up on chicken for 39 cents a pound.

7. Put up pickles, pickled beets, squash and zucchini from the garden.

8. Harvested lettuce and carrots for meals.

9. We still have not turned on the air condition for the season. It won't be much longer though...the days are getting very warm and sticky with very little nighttime relief.

10. I cooked three meals on the grill and the rest of the time we have eaten cold stuff...too hot to eat heavy meals anyway.

11. We have a boatload of beets this year so I made beet chips for a treat.

12. I made cheese, butter and yogurt this week. I froze some of the yogurt for smoothies during the time we won't have milk coming in.

13. I harvested seeds from cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and cantaloupe this week.

14. We had one extra sweet potato for some reason so I cut it in half and it has now produce a lot of slips for planting. I have already planted 6 of them and will be planting more as soon as they have a good number of roots on them.

15. The bottom portion of our garden where we used to plant corn is really weedy and I am concerned about snakes, so 3 times this week I have herded the goats into that portion for them to clean it out. Free feed for them and it saves me the time, energy and gas of weedeating it. I just have to watch them really closely while I am out working, but so far so good.

I guess that is about it. Not a whole lot other than normal stuff, but every little bit helps and that is just that little bit more than can go into savings. Hope you all have a blessed week. Kat

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