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Friday, May 8, 2015

Frugal Things Done for April

Well, there was nothing exciting about the last part of April as far as savings. It was pretty much just a routine thing around here. Here is what was accomplished.

1. At least 2 meals a week were cooked on the grill.

2. We ate 4 no cook meals this week. Two were leftover nights and two were salad picked from the garden) or sandwich (made with wheat free flat bread) nights.

3. Most showers were able to be done in the solar shower, so the hot water heater has mostly been off.

4. All laundry was washed in cold water and hung on the line.

5. I made cheese and butter.

6. Our local small grocer often sells bananas that are starting to turn at a huge discount. I picked up several pounds of these bananas for less that two dollars and froze them for smoothies later.

7. I only had a few small errands this week in town so my husband ran them for me on his way home from work. This meant that my car stayed parked in the driveway for an entire week.

8. I did have to go to town for Little Britches soccer game and on the way home I stopped at Lowe's for some bird netting. I happened upon the plant clearance rack and found 3 lantana, a couple of lavender plants, and a 6 pack of marigolds all marked way down so I got them for the garden. The lantana is really good at attracting bees and butterflies. The lavender will make a nice addition to my herbs and well I just like the marigolds.

9. We took down the old metal swingset and took the scrap metal to the the metal recycler. It wasn't much but we made 15.00.

10. The weather has been nice so no AC or heat. Just the windows open.

11. I made some new skirts and dresses for Petunia for the summer.

I guess that is about it. All in all I am happy with our downsizing of our electrical useage. We are now running on average around 15 kwH a day. I would like to see this go down even further, but not sure if it will. We will see. Have a blessed day, Kat

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