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Friday, April 17, 2015

Rain, Rain...

While California is in (and has been in) a severe drought, we are severely wet. We have been having a tremendous amount of rain over the past month and frankly it is getting to be a little much. It is pouring rain now and has been since about 7pm last night. There is no end in sight for today at least. Our septic system is feeling the strain as the pipes gurgle with each slow flush of the toilet. Showers are on major restriction and those that do take place are good old fashioned "navy" showers. We did get a small break on Wednesday enough to warm the water in the solar shower outside so that all of us could get a good shower. It was nice even though the water was more lukewarm than warm. It was more comfortable than cold and it allowed a better shower than a quick in and out navy shower. I washed as many dishes in the outdoor sink as possible to give the septic a small break from the dishwasher. Everything around here is wet and flooded. The garden has grown by leaps and bounds and so has the grass. The bad thing about the garden is that I find very few non rainy pockets to get out and pull weeds, the good thing about the grass in that there is plenty for the critters to eat. There is so much water that the fire ants are everywhere looking for a dry place. You don't have to step in a bed to get bit, just step outside. It seemed nice that we got the solar shower fixed so that it was working properly. However, one requirement of have a solar shower is having some solar power..hard to do when the sun is hidden behind those rain clouds. I told my hubby that maybe I needed a redneck bathtub. We have an old cast iron tub just sitting out at the barn waiting to be used for something. We don't need it for a water trough...we have another one for that. He just shook his head and mumbled something about all the wood being wet. I know there are times he truly wonders what in the world he got himself into when he married me. I think this was one time that he felt fortunate to be cleaning out the winter bedding from the goat barn...a very stinky chore especially with all the rain. You watch folks...I will not only have a solar shower but soon, very soon I will also have a redneck bathtub. I just have to get all the planning and placement figured out so that he can't help but say, "Yes, honey, that sounds like a fine idea. I will get right on that." Sometimes, truly I think I might be a little off myself. But that feeling only lasts a fleeting moment. We have had to do so much with so little for so many years that I am beginning to think that I am learning to do stuff with nothing at all! LOL! California, I will gladly give you some rain today in exchange for some sunshine tomorrow. Have a blessed day everyone, Kat

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