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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Window Quilts or Bubble Wrap

Well, I have now used both to help keep the drafts out of the house when the cold wind blows. Most years we have put bubble wrap on the windows themselves to add a layer of insulation. On the north side of the house we always put up window quitls as well, but we still would feel drafts. This year I made window quilts for all the windows and I must say the drafts are much much less noticeable. The house is staying much warmer. So, in my opinion the window quilts work better than bubble wrap on the windows. Yesterday, the wind was blowing pretty hard and we could actually watch the quilts move as the wind gusted outside. However, we didn't feel the draft and have stayed nice and cozy in the house. The one drawback is that they block so much light. I used light colored quilts on the south side of the house and some light does shine through. We can also open them to let in light during the day and solar heat from the sunshine. The house is also staying warmer at night with all the quilts drawn. So my vote is that window quilts keep the heat in much better and the cold out than bubble wrap. Blessings, Kat

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