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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Hate Pants!

I admit it, I wear skirts most of the time. I own very few pairs of pants and rarely wear them. However, yesterday I was going to town and have a really cute pair of khaki pants that I thought would look nice with a sweater that I was going to wear. It was something different to change things up a bit. I was miserable all day and I am always miserable when I wear pants/jeans. In fact, last year when I did a major cleaning out of my clothes I got rid of all but 2 pairs of jeans that I kept for cold weather work on the farm. That wind can be brutal whipping up under skirts in 20 degree weather! I see women wear pants all the time and they don't look miserable, or are they? Do they just hide their misery in the name of beauty? Or are they truly comfortable wearing those jeans/pants? And then I feel really sorry for those poor souls who wear jeans that are about 3 sizes too small for them...truly they cannot be comfortable. I am not comfortable in pants that fit appropriately. And no pants ever seem to be flattering on matter how appropriately fitted they are. I think I just need to make some more skirts and make some pantaloons for cold weather and ditch the pants thing altogether. No since in being miserable. Am I the only weirdo out there who can't stand wearing pants?! Just my little rant for the day! Blessings, Kat

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Sage Croft said...

I know what you mean I would so much rather wear a skirt but this time of year it is so hard to keep warm. I have taken to wearing fleece legging under my skirts but still BURRR!!!