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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Homemade Christmas

As usual, money is tight for Christmas. We have never been those kind of people who spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on Christmas anyway. This year I am making most of the children's presents, so I thought I would post the list of what I am planning on making in case it gives any of you ideas. I will also try to post tutorials as I make these things or at least pictures of what has been made.

Petunia (age 15)
2 pairs of earrings
2 necklaces
ankle bracelet
1 pair of pajamas
hanging jewelry organizer
Photo/scrap book of our trip to Maine

Katie (age 6)
1 pair of pajamas
2 necklaces
2 bracelets
1 pair of legwarmers
Photo/Scrap book of our trip to Maine

So far this is the list. I might come up with some other things while I am working. I will update this as I go. Blessings, Kat

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High Lonesome said...

We never had a lot of money for Christmas presents - and now that my children are adults, I see that was the best thing! (although I fretted every Christmas! lol) They learned to appreciate the little things, and to work hard for what they need.

I see a big difference in my brother's kids - My mother (88 years old) knitted a few things for them last year and mailed them up - instead of appreciating her hard work, they made fun of it. (She does NOT know this.)
This year, again, we are making most of the presents we give, for two reasons: 1. we do not have money to spare, and 2. I appreciate when someone makes something for me, and I know our children do too...

So keep it up! Your children will be so much better for it as adults!