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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pretty Quiet and Wet

Well, it has been a pretty quiet week around here. With the loss of BC and the rain we haven't been doing much. We did get the summer shower finished with the exception of a few minor tweeks last week. It was nice to get that project done. I have been teaching little britches to swim this summer and she is doing quite well. I am looking forward to my trip to Maine. I will only be gone a few days, but it will be nice to have a break. I don't get them often. I am often amazed at how our life has pretty much fallen into quiet routine when I can remember not so very long ago that I was completely overwhelmed and always felt and is I was fighting a fire. Most major projects are done, the things for critters settled and built. Now, we are just in a routine of maintaining and keeping. It is kind of nice actually. I suddenly feel like I have all this free time and I often find myself looking for that fire ad feeling guilty that I don't have one to put out. Of course, there are always weeds to pull and seeds to plant, but I don't stress myself if my garden isn't completely weed free. The horse barn has been mostly redone and now all that is left is for the barnyard to be graded with the tractor. If we can get the tractor going then we will do that in the next couple of weeks, hopefully. So, I think I might be ready to start thinking about pigs again, just feeders not breeders. I won't be going into the pig breeding business anytime soon. I have to admit that I don't really like having pigs around all the time. I enjoy them while they are here for a little while and then I am glad to be done with them. We have had a rainy summer which has been nice for the garden. It has been cooler than usual also which has been nice. You would think living this far south all my life that I would be used to the heat and humidity by now, but I simply am not nor will I ever be. We are supposed to get more rain today so that might wash out my gardening day. Saturday is typically a day that I spend a lot of time in the garden. That way I don't feel like my garden is suffering if I don't get much done during the week. I am planting through this year for a continuous crop since the weather has been a bit strange so I have more planting to do. If I can't get in the garden because of the rain then I will probably clean the refrigerator. I hate cleaning the refrigerator but it must be done. I guess I had better get started it is really dark out there and doesn't look like I have much time before the rain settles in. Blessings, Kat

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