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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mosquitoes, Fire Ants and Blow Flies

We are now going on our 8th day of rain. Every single day rain. heavy rain. Everything is a mess with the muck and the mud everywhere. I am tired of the rain and I am tired of the mud. The weeds is my garden are a nightmare. I suppose I could pull weeds in the rain as long as it isn't thundering and lightening, but goodness I have to change clothes enough just tending to the critters. by the way they are tired of the rain too. Even the ducks are tired of the rain and I am finding them more and more in the goat barn. And with all this rain with the humidity ants....and blow flies. I have had 6 rabbits die of fly strike and the others weren't looking so well so the other 7 were killed and put in the freezer for the dogs. The dogs are eating well. Which stinks because several of those rabbits were ready to process and I was looking forward to some rabbit. The blow flies are terrible around here right now and I am trying to check critters everyday and keep things as clean as possible, but when the rain runs right through the aisleway of the barn carrying mud and muck with it it's hard. The chickens are staying fat and sassy though, but there are even more than they can eat. My local feed store will be happy because with the amount of fly spray that I am using around here daily to try and protect the critters, especially from the blow flies. The mosquitoes are breeding like crazy too...apparently they don't take a break while it's raining. I was in the garden yesterday trying to pick what I could, but the mosquitoes were eating me alive. And if the mosquitoes weren't eating me then the fire ants that have popped up everywhere were. you would think those suckers would drown with all this rain and the ground soaked as it is. Oh well, we are getting a good amount of school work done but it isn't easy having to keep Little britches in the house so much. She really is an outside girl. Oh well, gotta put on my mud shoes and slog through the mud to take care of chores. If I get stuck I hope somebody will come to my rescue. Have a great day, Kat

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