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Monday, April 8, 2013

The year of the horse

My poor horses have really had to make do over the past couple of years as we have been busy with other infrastructure for goats, chickens, pigs and garden. We have always had a drainage issue with the barn because when it was built (not by us) site location was not a big consideration. When it rains the rain runs downhill and right through the barn, creating at the least a cleaning pain or at most an unusable nightmare. In the past we had brought in some crushed limestone for the floor of the barn which helped, but like I said the last couple of years we haven't done much of anything and this past winter we got a lot of rain. The barn is a mess and currently isn't really useable as we can't get the water out of the barn. We have stripped the stalls which lowered them even more and we are still getting loads of rain each week. So, this has to be the year of the horse. We are going to strip out the inside of the barn, bring in dirt and get those stalls back to the shape they need to be in. We also need to re-do the French drain around the outside of the barn to keep water from coming through it. Then there is roofing work to be done and some of the siding is loose. Essentially the horse infrastructure around here is a mess and this has got to be the year that it is taken care of. So, it looks like I will be on the phone today to get the best price on a dump truck load of crushed limestone and we will be trenching around the barn within the next couple of weeks. Since this is the year of the horse the fences need doing too. I have been saying over the last year that we were going to get to those fences and this is the year. Loads of money and time, but it has to be done. My poor ponies have had to make do long enough and now is the time to give them a better environment. Everyone else is happy and settled so now it is their turn. We also need to get them separated at feeding time because we are having issues with out mare being a bully and the boys are getting run off from their food. Poor old Thunder doesn't need that hassle as he has a hard enough time keeping on weight. Well, we do the best we can and keep moving forward to do better. This year the horses get "better" and everyone else can make do. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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Corinne Logan said...

Oh my gosh! Same here with the barn, although luckily, in Boise here, we don't get that much rain. But the entire driveway slopes right to it!
Someone seriously wasn't thinking!!

Here's a thought that we've talked about - digging a 2' wide trench right in front of the barn and filling it with drain pipe and gravel covered with some landscape fabric and then backfilling. We REALLY don't get that much rain, so it hasn't been a huge priority, but is one of those things on the "to-do" list.