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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mediterranean Style Beef Salad

Ok, I used venison in this salad but I do realize that most don't have venison. Beef can be used. Ingredients: Mandarin oranges dried cranberries beef slice thin(skirt or flank steak would work well for this) salad greens cashews feta cheese sweet onion finely chopped balsamic vinegar olive oil sugar Season steak strips with garlic powder and a little salt, then sauté in olive oil until rare to med. rare in consistency. In a bowl combine the oranges, cranberries, onion, and steak. For the vinegraitte combine equal amounts of balsamic vinegar and olive oil and then mix in a little sugar to taste. My family likes this a little on the sweeter side as my husband doesn't like a vinegary taste. Use as much as you need or as little for your family. A little of this dressing goes a long way so you don't need to make much. 3/4 of a cup was plenty for our very large bowl of salad and I think I dumped a little afterwards. Serve this salad liberally topped with the cashews and feta along with the dressing. I served rice crackers on the side. It was delicious and filling.

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Kelle said...

Kat, sounds yummy but don't think my family would go for it, may just throw it on the table and see what they think! Love the combination of the mandarin oranges, cranberries and feta cheese, yep that's it making it this week! Thanks for sharing it :O)