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Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Goals Update

Well we are well into 2013 and so far I have to say we have done pretty well working toward the goals that we wanted to achieve this year. So far we have rebuilt the woodshed and are in the process of filling it to the brim. When it is full it will probably be enough wood for two years, so we are happy with that. Then this past week we finished the second rabbit colony and they seem to be enjoying it well. They are beginning to calm down a bit when I come in and realize that I am the feed lady. Next on the list is the outdoor summer shower and we have all the materials to build that. We will probably get that done this week. It will be nice to have a shower after working in the garden or the barns without having to track all that dirt in the house and into the tub. Yes, I get pretty dirty when I am in the garden. After the outdoor shower then we will build a smokehouse so that we can smoke our hams next season here at home and not have to impose on our neighbor to use her smoker. I might even be able to smoke some cheeses and such. Oh, the possibilities of having our own smokehouse. So much work to do and so little time before the blistering temperatures of summer hit us. I don't work well in the heat and so that limits how much outside work can be done around here. The garden is finally doing pretty well. Things are growing and so canning season will be here before we know it. That will keep me pretty busy. The big project for the year will be refencing the perimeter. That project will probably take all summer to complete. We have to clear the fences first. Right now we are letting the goats out to work on that part. Might as well kill two birds with one stone...feed the goats and clear the fences. I found another litter in c0lony 1 yesterday so I am happy to say that those rabbits are breeding like...rabbits! I am still waiting for the chicks to hatch from my broody hen. I check on her everyday since she didn't pick the best spot to sit on eggs...the top of the grow out cages in the goat barn. Since we have had loads of rain the weeds are growing like crazy all around the place so the bunnies are getting plenty of fresh green food which is great because then I can cut back on their grain. Colony 1 has so many rabbits in it though that I am keeping their grain ration the same. I know they will start slowing down in another month or so because of heat sterility. It will be good for them to have a little break even though they rotate who is pregnant and nursing and who is not. My chinchilla do though doesn't seem to like a break and I have to say she has been my best doe as far as production. Colony 2 is made up mostly of her daughters so that I continue that trait in my herd. Things seem to be moving right along and going well this year. I hope this keeps up and now to get the tractor fixed and up and running. Hopefully, your year is going well also. Blessings from the farm. Kat

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