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“If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Horse Meat Scandal

I guess I am getting a bit tired of hearing about the horse meat scandal in Britain. Seems everyone is in an uproar because a supplier mixed horsemeat (actually it might be donkey meat) with beef and sold it in the UK, mostly to Burger King. Now in all fairness Burger King didn't really know what their supplier did. Burger King only did what their customers wanted. That was buy the cheapest product available so their prices didn't have to go up. But lets look at the heart of this story why don't we. First lets go to Poland, where it all started. Poland up until very recently had a good portion of the population that still used horses to pull carts to market. Poland banned the use of horse/donkey pulled carts on the roadways, rendering thousands of horses and donkeys useless. So their owners unable to make a living because they couldn't use their only transportation of goods and unable to feed something that didn't work sent those horses and donkeys to slaughter by the thousands. And the people of Poland allowed this ban. This huge influx of equine into the slaughter houses greatly reduced the cost of the meat. Consumers who frequent Burger King demand that they keep their prices ultra cheap or they will go down the street to MacDonald's so Burger demanded that their suppliers keep their prices cheap. Beef was not cheap, but here was a sudden influx of very cheap horse meat. So the supplier mixed it and sent it to Burger King and all was well and good because the consumer was still getting cheap food. And then the consumer finds out and is now uproaringly mad. Consumers in the US are terrified that it could happen here. How could the government allow this?! They say in outrage. This article explains exactly how it happened and how it was allowed and no one is to blame but the consumer who didn't care about anything but cheap product. And if anyone in the states is foolish enough to think that the government here is protecting them from this while they stumble into the grocery to demand their portion of cheap meat then they need to think again. They are already being served pink slime and catfish labeled as grouper, all in the name of cheap meat and the "we don't care as long as it's cheap" mentality. One day you will care and when that day comes you will have driven all of the honest small farmers out of business with your cheap mentality and lack of caring it will be too late. You will only have corporate agriculture and guess what....they don't care. And if you think that they federal government's various alphabet agencies care about you then you are an ostrich and you best get your head out of the sand before the wolf bites devours you from behind. As long as the people allow small farmers to be attacked and driven out of business all in the name of "cheap food" then they deserve what they get. Nothing is gotten free or cheap you will pay somewhere down the line and that somewhere down the line might just be being forced to eat nothing but the pig slop of chemicals that they call food and the cost will be your health and the health of your children. So, in my opinion the customers of Burger King in Britain got what they deserved especially since they practically begged for it. It's sad really because I think of the farmers in Poland that have now lost a way of life. Now, Poles will reap what they sew when they demand cheap food. Hardworking farmers have fed the world for centuries and now the mass public is destroying them as quickly as they can. I bet many people don't understand that the Roman empire fell mainly because there weren't enough farmers to feed the population. Same thing with the Greeks. The great empires became so great and demanded that everyone became as enlightened as the town folk, or the government that there weren't enough farmers left. Farming was attacked and as a result the empires weakened and fell. Enjoy your pink slime and meat glue America. Don't worry the wolf is watching your behind. Blessings, Kat

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