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Monday, December 10, 2012

Freshen Home Decor the Cheap and Easy Way

So as many of you know I have been de-cluttering the house and trying to freshen things up. My house has become a very stale environment as far as being pleasing to the eye. For most of my life I have leaned toward earthy tones...sage greens, blues and browns(lots of dark antique furniture). I am bored and my house is boring. I have decided I seriously need color in my life. Even my throw pillows in the den were greens and browns. Notice I said were. Well let me tell you what I did. First I raided my collection of fabric and found three prints with some wonderful reds and yellows. I took some bed pillows that were old and we had already changed out ( I was going to make seat cushion for the porch chairs with these, but didn't). I cut the pillows to throw pillow size and made slip covers from the fabric. Why did I make slip covers instead of permanent covers? So I can change them out to suit my mood of course! In an hour I had made from scratch three large throw pillows with covers and made two more covers for smaller pillows. I have several more covers cut out but ran out of time to stitch them. Wow! What a difference a little splash of color makes. Now, I know what I am going to do with those old quilts that can no longer be used as quilts. I am going to make more slip covers so that I can change out some more. This should keep some variety in my life. I have a painting that I started 6 years ago. It really never got past the sketch on canvas stage and I am kind of glad. While I am going to keep the hard elements the same I am changing up the style so to speak and can't wait to get started on it. First to finish de-cluttering the house. Really it takes a while to do this. I really didn't realize how much I had accumulated over the years, it is an astonishing amount. I am working on the studio also so that it doesn't become just storage and unuseable for anything else, but I only devote about 30 minutes to doing so out there when I am out there. However, it is nice to finally have a place to do the things that make me tick. Know what I mean? I still don't know if I will make curtains or not...would love to have some...curtains usually make our allergies pretty bad because of the dust that they collect unless I wash them regularly and then well you have to iron them afterwards and that is time consuming. Been there done that and not sure if I want to go back although they do make a room look more finished than bare windows. I will post a tutorial on how to make the pillow slip covers so that anyone interested can see how I made them. Have a great day! Kat

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