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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The past few days

Sometimes life just turns really stressful and seems to be more than you can handle. My mother has not been well for some time now. Lots of issues, but it is getting to the point that we are wondering if it might not be better if she comes to live with us. Of course, that is a tough one to think about because we still don't know where we are with the farm issues. In other words, do we move her in with us and then all of us wind up homeless. That would not be good. However, I can't stop my life to sit with her at her home all day long either. So right now that is all up in the air. And then we have so many things to be done around here and there just seems like there is simply not enough time. So many half done projects are beginning to drive me a little nuts. I don't do half done very well. I am a list person and like to be able to cross something off a list before moving on to something else. It is just a little OCD type quirk that I have. And then there is the stuff, stuff everywhere. This house never had enough storage and it seems like things breed in the middle of the night around here and just when I have gotten things cleaned out and a home for most things then there seems to be a population explosion. Ok, another OCD quirk I have is stuff everywhere. If I have to move stuff to clean then I start going insane. Right now I have to move stuff and my studio never seems to get organized before it is a disaster. All I get to do in there is organize and clean up. Then I get distracted and can't enjoying my sewing space or painting space or anything else out there before it has to be cleaned up again because all of us have run out there looking for something and things are strewn hither thither and yon. So my stress level is through the roof right now and I am beginning to start that spinning around can't figure out what to do now kind of dance. I have been stressing about firewood lately, but yesterday we got a good portion of firewood cut and stacked. We still need a whole lot more but at least we have a good start vs. the week supply that we had. It does feel better to have that done. Oh and one more thing to add to the stress level is that the baby goats got into the garden and ate all my red cabbage, all my broccoli and a whole bunch of other stuff. One more time and I will put them in the freezer instantly. They have no respect for fences, even electric ones. You can see them brace for the pain as they run through the wires. With everything going on with my mom, I really need to take a heavy look at ways to make my life less complicated. So that is my goal for the next few weeks. I am going to start by getting rid of some furniture. I have too much. I have things that no one every sits on or at or in or anything. Hope you all are having a good week. I will try to post an update in a few days, but right now just can't get up the gumption to post everyday. My mental and emotional exhaustion level is through the roof. Blessings, Kat

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living from glory to glory said...

Dear Kat, I just want to encourage you, just one day at a time. It is all any of us can do:)
I pray for creative wisdom for you in all your ways. May He give you strength and direction.
Dang Goats!! They really cause trouble when they can...
Blessings, Roxy