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Monday, October 8, 2012

Homestead Burnout

Since I already have talked about the fair, I will update on a friend that I ran into. They started homesteading about the same time that we did, maybe a year or so later. I was a little shocked at what I learned when catching up on what we have been doing. When they started they jumped in with both feet, large flock of chickens, large herd of goats, beef cattle, planted a pecan orchard, etc. etc. All done in a big way and all done within the first year of buying their land. Their goal was to be able to produce and sell off the farm. Well, to make a long story short trying to get it all going all at the same time...they burned out. It wasn't fun, it was too much. And they were right. It was too much too soon and they couldn't keep up with what needed doing for trying to keep up with what needed doing (you folks who do this understand that wonky sentence). I have said this time and again and will say it again....go slow, take your time to get one thing under your belt before you jump in with something else. I hate hearing of this family and the many others that go so fast and then burn out so quickly. You simply can't live this life all at once especially if you have never done it before. Trying to conquer so many learning curves at one time is overwhelming. Get one thing under your belt and in some semblance of control before you start another. It may take longer, but then the process is fun (most of the time) and doable. Meanwhile if you are trying to do too much all at the same time it is much easier to throw in the towel and go back to the grocery store. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the homestead be, especially if you are the only Roman doing most of the building. And face it folks, if one Roman is out making a living to pay for the building materials then we are the only little builder on site with only the occasional day laborer to be had. So take it slow, build slowly, conquer those obstacles and then move on. You will be much happier and Rome will last much longer. I was saddened to hear of my friends burnout. Now they have 40 acres that is just sitting there. Blessings, Kat


hoosier girl said...

You said that very well. I think it's true of any lifestyle change, especially one that takes so much hard work.

Jacqueline Jones said...

This is the best advise ever given. Start small, work big. This is my first year really trying this whole homesteading. I wanted chickens, pigs, goats, garden, fruit trees, and I wanted it NOW. In reality I have 7 chickens, just sent the pig to slaughter, and a first year garden that really was too huge. I about hated the garden by the time it was done. The pigs were time consuming. The chickens I love though. I can't imagine how fed up I would be If I had barreled into it, full bore, without my dear hubby telling me to slow down and do one thing at time.