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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easy Homemade Firestarters

Well, since that familiar chill is in the air in the evenings it has pushed me to do something that I have been putting off all summer...make new firestarters. I know, I can just wad up a bunch of newspaper throw in some sticks and hope it starts. However, if you want something guaranteed to start the first time then either fatlighter or a firestarter is in order. These little handy dandy firestarters are great to make and the really great thing is that they are easily transportable. So here is your step by step how to. Materials Dryer lint paraffin wax egg carton In a pot melt some paraffin wax. Depending on how many starters you plan to make. Start with a quarter of a bar and then go from there. Please keep the temp low, paraffin is extremely flammable and if melted over high heat is prone to catch fire. That is good once in the fireplace, but not while it is on your stove. Place dryer lint in each egg hole in the egg carton. Make sure to really stuff it in there and I always twist a little at the top so that it sticks up. This helps to light it. Pour melted paraffin over the dryer lint. Let cool, take out of the egg carton and store. I keep a little bucket by the fireplace for these. See I told you this was easy. You can make a whole passel of these little babies in no time at all especially if you use several egg cartons. I keep my yucky egg cartons that are a bit worn out and don't really need to hold eggs anymore. Using the firestarters. Place a small amount of paper, then kindling in fireplace or stove (wood only please). Then place a firestarter on top of the kindling. Light paper or firestarter or both. As the paraffin melts it will coat the kindling and then catch fire. Dryer lint is highly flammable and will produce a hot burn. This will catch the kindling and keep it burning for it to truly catch and be hot enough to start the wood. You can use just the firestarter, but I find that they can fall through the kindling before it is properly caught, so the paper helps to hold it where it needs to be. Also, I am a creature of habit I suppose. I do know that the firestarters keep one from having to add more paper because the paper burned up way before the kindling really had a chance to get going. Nothing more frustrating than trying to start that early morning fire and the kindling won't catch fast enough. With the firestarters it will catch. Enjoy!

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living from glory to glory said...

Hi, I started back awhile ago saving the lint from my dryer. I will try this idea. The ones you buy are so hard to get them to catch fire. Thanks.Have agood day:)
Blessings, Roxy