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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Baby bunnies!

The colony is working out so well, we now have our 4th litter of babies in the colony. I haven't yet done an official count, but there feels like there are a good many in there. I am so pleased at having gone the colony route. My production has definitely increased and the bunnies seem so much happier. It is almost time to round up the first two litters and move them to grow out cages. Then I need to clean out the colony and re-bed it. The new nest in inside an old cat carrier so it won't be hard to work around that nest without disturbing it. Hopefully, that is the only nest right now. I will have to take a good look around before I start cleaning everything out. We are having a good spring with loads of weeds to feed the bunnies. They are getting two 5 gallon buckets of greens a day which means that I don't have to feed too many grains. I must say that having them in the colony makes it much easier to feed more greens. Especially, when I cut roses and thistles for them. I use to hate having to put handfuls of those things in the cages as my hands got torn up. It was also more time consuming to divide the greens for the individual cages and now I just dump the whole bucket in a big pile and the bunnies jump right in. Another thing I have noticed is that they are cleaning up all of the greens, whereas they use to leave some. So I guess if there is something that one doesn't want at the moment then someone else is more than willing to eat it. At the current breeding rate we are going then I will definitely be able to provide plenty of rabbit meat for our family, but I will be able to supplement the dogs as well. That is a great thing that we have not been able to do in the past. And then dare I hope that we will have rabbits for sale as well?! The rabbits have definitely turned out to be the best investment on the farm. They cost me very little in upkeep, yet they are returning so much. I certainly could not purchase meat for the amount of money that I spend on care of the rabbits. I will start dehydrating some greens for feeding the rabbits this winter even though we do have some greens that still grow in the winter, it will be nice to be able to provide more variety this winter for them. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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Marmee's Pantry said...

Just love little bunnies. We had a Belgiun Hare who lived 8 yrs. He was a sweetie & never bit anyone his whole life.

Also, I borrow your quote of the day for my Facebook! lol

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><