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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Farm Update

Well, there is so much going on right now that I just haven't had the time to post much other than a couple of short snippets. We almost have the floor replaced in the den which has been a large work in progress and I will be glad to have done. It makes such a huge difference in the room, especially since we are removing carpet that is about 30 years old and way past worn out. Our goal is to get rid of all the carpet in the house, that is if we are still here in the future. We have some legal issues going on with the property and just simply don't know where we stand yet, in other words we might lose the farm. I don't know what we will do if that happens. I can only trust that if the Lord closes this door that he will open another one for us. But for right now I am not going to dwell on unpleasant subjects.

The garden is going well. I think it gets better every year now that we have switched completely over to bio-intensive gardening. The only problem I have is 2 particular chickens that are strongly attracted to the garden. They seem to know exactly what I plant, when I plant it and then they come behind me and dig it all up. I have had to replant so many times this year that I have pure run out of seeds and in many cases have had to buy more. I finally got the peanuts planted and they have them all dug up. So now I have to go and buy more peanuts and plant again. This is really getting old and the only thing that has saved them from the stew pot is that they are two of my best layers. They might have to go though.

Speaking of poultry, the ducks are laying again and as long as I get the eggs before Dakota we are good. Apparently, she has begun stealing eggs and she is much better at knowing where the hens are laying than I am. I wondered why I couldn't find any eggs and why she wasn't eating her dog food. Well, I found out one morning as I watched her go from spot to spot and then caught her with an egg in her mouth. She has been eating at least a dozen eggs a day if not more. So now, I have to check for eggs almost hourly if I want to get any.

The rabbits are doing really well in the colony and I believe that two of my does have shared a nest and caring for the little ones. I think this because there were so many babies in the litter and they all seem very well fed and are growing like weeds. I did lose a couple of bunnies but it looks like I have 18 healthy bunnies that will be ready to move to grow out cages in about a week or so. I will strip the colony down and add fresh bedding for the next round of bunnies. This is so exciting since my lack of baby bunnies for so long. I will also have 6 bunnies ready to butcher in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to have rabbit again, we have really missed it. Moving to the colony set-up was one of the best things we have done for the farm. I think our rabbit production numbers will greatly improve with the move.

All of the pastures are looking good and we have great grazing this year. The one pasture that I have always had trouble with was greatly improved from the pigs. It is amazing at how much better that pasture is this year than every before. Now if I can just divide the large pasture for better rotation.

Some projects have been put on hold until we find out what is going to happen with the farm situation, so our 12 months/12 goals has kind of come to a dead stand still.

Prayers would be appreciated and we will keep you updated. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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