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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wow! This Heat, Already

It was 85 degrees yesterday and supposed to be just like that in temps for the next week at least. We are technically due for our last frost until the end of March. I don't think we will see a last frost this year, especially since we didn't see a first frost much at all. I am beginning to worry about my cool weather crops and whether or not many of them will have enough time to mature before they bolt. I am also worried about my warm weather crops because if this is a forecast of what is to come then I see temps burning up our summer crops. I think Oklahoma and Texas decided to share their weather issues from last summer with us....thanks ya'll. We have been having a nice rainy spring though so that is a blessing. I am extra thankful that I made the transition to biodynamic gardening though. Maybe my garden will stand a better chance of surviving with the heat that is already rolling in. I know I know....many say they have seen this before only to have a freeze around Easter. I have too, but I have also noticed that Easter can come at later and later times now through the year. I won't even get into the discussion as to why that happens when Passover is clearly depicted by a specific time in the Bible. Anyway, I am getting off subject. I plan on heavily mulching around the beds this year and of course they are dug deep so as to capture as much moisture as God chooses to send. Once the plants grow then they will create their own living mulch to keep the soil from losing too much moisture. Hopefully summer won't be dry AND hot. We might be able to handle just hot. I think this year I am going to finally get around to making those curtains for the south side of the house to block out the heat. We already have blinds on most of the windows, but curtains help block out more than blinds do. This heat has done one thing....put me behind in my gardening once again. It seems like every spring I am running behind for one reason or another. Now, yet again when I thought I was doing so well and working ahead of schedule I now realize that if I don't get a move on I might not have much of a garden. The summer plants need a chance to develop a good root system if they are going to survive the heat that is coming and if I planted at the appointed time (April for most of them)then there is a good chance that they won't develop that root system. So now I am rushing. I really don't like rushing to get something done. Well, I suppose I don't have much choice and I suppose that is part of this life since it is so dependent on the seasons whenever they might come. Happy gardening and here's praying that we all have a bountiful season....despite the heat. Blessings, Kat

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