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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Garden

I simply can't believe it. I have the garden ready on time this year. I am not really sure how that happened other than I believe that the biodynamics have allowed things to be easier to prepare. The weeds were easier to pull, the beds easier to put in order and add compost and the fences took just a little time to repair. In past years I have struggled to get the ground prepared so that I can plant and inevitably always am running behind wondering if what I am planting will have enough time before the heat of summer fully gets here. Now the ground is ready with the exception of where I am planting peanuts and sweet potatoes, so spring cool weather crops are already planted and sprouting. I wish I had know about biodynamics years ago. I think of all those years that I beat my head against a wall and stressed that I just wouldn't be ready in time. It isn't like that anymore and gardening has become enjoyable again since there is no rush, rush rush in the equation. Our soil in the garden is beautiful a result of years of hard work and tons of compost and amending. Now, if I could get the soil on the rest of the property looking like that. I have implemented a whole lot more companion planting this year and it has been fun hunting for flower seeds to mix in with the vegetables. I can't wait to see the garden in full bloom, it is going to be gorgeous. A type of ordered chaos. Now, that I have the vegetable garden under manageable control maybe I can once again work on flower gardening. My hope has always been that I could turn the very bland front yard into a cottage garden. Can you tell I like ordered chaos. I am not really into anything that looks very formal. Anyway, so far that is my gardening year and hopefully I haven't jinxed my good fortune by blogging about how well the garden is going. Now, just to get prepared for those stink bugs! Blessings, Kat


Kelle said...

I'm like you ordered chaos, LOL!! We've been at it for 9 yrs and we're still adding and improving*wink*
Keep up the good work, it does pay off in the end! I'll keep in touch, better I promise.*wink*

J Daniel said...

I'm fond of the terms Controlled or Organized Chaos...:)

I agree, anything worthwhile is always a work in progress...:)

Best Regards.

J Daniel