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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rabbit Colony 3

Well, we had a really productive day in working on the rabbit colony. Our friend Cherelle came over and gave us a hand. Many, many thanks for all her hard work! Here are the pallets that are being used as the base for the bottom wall that are nailed up and in place.

Then we framed in the doorway that will lead to the feed area of the rabbitry.

Next we began tacking conveyor belt (thanks to another friend, Jen, and her husband). This stuff is really heavy duty rubber and will make the walls easy to keep clean and also there is no critter that is coming through those walls now.

Here we all are tacking up more conveyor belt along the back wall. That's my short little fluffy self in the green jacket. Hubby is too tall to stand up straight in the space so he has to bend over a lot. The little one in the front was a great little helper!

Almost done with the conveyor belt.

Then we put screen up along the outside to keep flies out of the rabbitry. Wire is going to be put on the outside to keep critters from trying to get through the screen, which wouldn't be that hard.

That is about it. I think we made great progress for the day. Won't take much more and then we can start to think about moving the rabbits in! Blessings, Kat


Missy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how this system works out for you. I would LOVE to get our rabbits out of the cages!

Kat said...

I am looking forward to finishing this project as well. I pray it works out because I can't wait to free up the cages. Blessings, Kat