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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rabbit Colony 2

Well the first step in setting up the colony was to clean the space out. We burned off as much of the trash and debris as we could, but as you can see there was a good sized pile of stuff that will have to be hauled off.

Here is the small pile of potentially usable lumber than we got. It is mostly small pieces left from other projects so we will probably use it to build stuff for the rabbits.

Here is the small pile of stuff that might still be in usable shape. I will sort through this pile in a couple days and discard anything beyond repair. We did find some heavy duty pullies, a fence stretcher and a come along. Hope they are still in working shape once they are cleaned up. Sure would be nice to have.

This is the space all cleaned out of junk and the old nasty particle board off the walls. Sure did let in some light taking that stuff down. The space is about 14 ft. wide and 16 feet long. It will be a good sized space to set-up two colonies, a feed space and a couple cages for emergency purposes. The large hutch type cages that we are using now will make nice grow out cages for the weanlings.

Next step in a few days. Blessings, Kat

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