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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Flying with Flylady

Several years ago I discovered Flylady and her system of home management and building housekeeping habits made a huge difference in my life. I still use many of those habits and basic ideas in my homekeeping. I was talking to a friend the other day about how sometimes it is so difficult to keep up with everything that must be done and I brought up Flylady to her. I told her what a huge difference it had made for me. Later as I thought about our conversation I thought about how I have slacked in many of the habits and that I was once again beginning to feel overwhelmed also. Hmmmm....I had given up getting dressed before I came out for my coffee in the morning. I had also gotten out of the habit of leaving my kitchen shiny at night many nights. So I made the decision to follow my own advice and yesterday once again started the habits that I learned following Flylady's babysteps. I must say I felt a huge difference yesterday as I developed my morning routine and then again as I implemented my evening routine. Despite the fact that I had chores to do around the farm and had to take my mom to the dentist and town yesterday afternoon I managed to put out two hotspots and the kitchen was shiny before I went to bed. I am already dressed for the days chores today. When I got home from town yesterday afternoon I did not feel like I was walking into a nightmare. Believe it or not, just the simple act of getting dressed and brushing my hair before I came out of the bedroom for coffee meant that I was ready to tackle the day earlier. I had gotten to where it was harder and harder to get motivated to get up in the mornings and get dressed to start the day off. So if you are feeling overwhelmed I highly recommend Flylady for getting your home under control and bringing peace in your life. Even though I don't really do the home journal anymore because it became overwhelming trying to add all the farm stuff into the journals, the babysteps alone and identifying and tackling hot spots makes a huge difference. You can see my old journals here on the blog, I think they are under home organization. I know it made a difference in my life once and is already starting to make a difference in my life again. So thanks to my friend I am once again back in control. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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