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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just an update

Well, Mom is home and seems to be staying home this time. She is actually doing pretty good for the moment. However, I am still trucking over to her house most days to do little things for her or just check on her. My time seems very limited these days and the days just keep speeding by. It doesn't help that everything around the farm was pretty neglected for over 3 weeks. You just don't realize how that little bit of daily maintenance and attention keeps things running smoothly. First the house was a wreck, then the porch had become a bad "catch-all", the chickens had made an escape route and several were roosting on the front porch (yuk), something happened to the electric fence controller and it no longer works so the goats spent 3 weeks escaping into what once was the garden (yep all fall produce gone), the garden fence has decided that now is the time to start falling apart, etc. etc. etc. So life lately seems to be a mad rush and now I am starting things around here much earlier because if I don't they simply won't get done. There have been times the past couple of weeks that I wonder if it is all worth it. Maybe it would be easier to live like the majority of people do and just get what I need from the grocery store, live on less land with less to maintain, and hire a housekeeper. Then a neighbor comes by and we sit out in the front yard and watch our children play, the baby goats play on the woodpile that is still taking up the front yard, listen to the pigs grunting at the fence in anticipation of goodies and watch chickens scratching for bugs under the bushes. What more could a girl want? Of course reality hit, when she left and the little one had to be bathed, cheese still had to be made, the kitchen had to be cleaned (again!), the critters had to be fed and a multitude of other things had to be done. But for that moment that she was here I had that chance to look around and say "Yeah, it's all worth it". I've never tried to paint this life in anyway other than real. It can be a hard life at times. I guess like any life it has it ups and downs, joys and disappointments. This life is hard work and even though on a daily basis doesn't seem to take much extra time you learn just how much time is spent when you are away for 3 weeks and unable to give the garden that hour each day or check the fence controller. But at the end of the day...yeah, it's worth it. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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