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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall To Do List Has Begun

Well, it certainly appears that fall is finally making its appearance around here. We went from 80 degree days and 60 degree nights straight to 60 degree days and 40 degree nights. Needless to say it has been a little chilly and we even cranked up the woodstove in the evenings and early mornings to take the chill off the house. As many of you might remember this old farmhouse is VERY leaky. As many leaks as we have fixed over the years there are at least twice as many more. Anyway before I digress any further it is that time of year to get those fall chores done so that we are not out in the bitter cold and rain of winter trying to do what needs to be done. The less time I spend outside when it is 20 degrees the better. I always seem to never get everything done and wind up running around in the cold anyway at the last minute when there is a winter storm just about to blast through. I want this year to be different, let's see if I can accomplish that. So here is a rundown of the fall chore list to be done and what has already been completed.

1. Start the deep bedding in the goat barn and close off the northside of the breezeway. Done!
2. Start the deep bedding in the rabbit cages and secure them against the winter winds. Done!
3. Move pigs from the pasture to the finishing pen for their last month and a half. Done!
4. Finish splitting and stacking firewood. Working on it....
5. Fall/winter garden planted. Done!
6. Add compost and mulch to spring garden beds and put up trellises for spring peas (actually planted in late January for us).
7. Finish adding compost to pile and top it with a healthy layer of fall leaves to let sit over the winter.
8. Clean and re-bed chicken coop.
9. Cover the north and west sides of the chicken coop to keep cold winter winds from blowing through. Done!
10. Finish the stalls in the big barn so that all of the horses have shelter this winter at night.
11. Put the window coverings up in the house.
12. Put the electric blankets on the beds. Done
13.Cover the screens of the side porch.
14. Close up crawl space and basement vents. Done!
15. Wrap all exposed pipes for outside faucets.
16. Disconnect unused hoses and put away.
17. Put away, clean and oil all garden tools not in use.
18. Rake up all pine straw and leaves into beds or compost pile.
19. Burn off trash piles.
20. Clean up front and back yard.
21 Check fences for repairs.
22. Straighten up and tidy tool shed.
23. Bed the horse barn.
24. Finish getting in hay.
25. Put away summer clothes

Well, that about takes care of it. If we accomplish all of this then winter chores will run much smoother and that will mean less time out in the bitter cold winter wind and rain. I will keep you all updated on how the chore list comes along. Blessings from the farm!

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