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Monday, August 1, 2011

Working in the Heat

This summer has been tough. We have dealt with temperatures ranging from hot, hotter, and blistering hot. Unfortunately, things still have to get done and the farm still has to be taken care of. So what is a girl to do. Here are some of my tips for surviving the summer heat.

1. Be willing to adjust your routine so that you are outside during the coolest part of the day. Mornings are my most productive time since the humidity is still so high in the evenings.

2. Work in the shade. Keep moving around with the shade and don't stay in the sun any longer than you have to.

3. Drink water...lots of water. Keep a cool water bottle and a frozen water bottle with you so that you can constantly be sipping water.

4. Take breaks often. Work for a bit and then sit in the shade for a bit sipping water.

5. Wear light loose clothing designed to breathe. My two favorite fabrics are cotton and linen for this very reason, they breathe.

6. Do outside stuff in the coolest part of the day and do inside stuff in the heat of the day.

7. Don't eat heavy meals....seems like they take forever to digest. Heavy meals raise your metabolism for a longer period of time which raises your internal core body temp. Not fun when you are fighting a heat index of 107 degrees.

8. Keep a bandana or light cloth that you can dip in water often and just let it run down your neck. Often I will turn on the hose and wet my head and hair. Instant cooling effect!

9. On the hottest days, do what is necessary outside and leave the rest. It really will wait until tomorrow.

10. As long as it isn't lightning or thundering work outside in the rain. This is my favorite. It is so refreshing and the 4 year old loves it too...lots of puddles to jump in!

Take it easy this summer and be safe. I have had heat exhaustion and it simply is no fun and quite scary. You are also never the same and can never extreme heat again in the same manner that you used to. It's like it permanently messes up your body's internal temperature controls. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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