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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor, I don't know if you know it or not but your dogs are at my house. I don't know which home is theirs, but they are some nice labs. Obviously not drop offs. My livestock guard dog has been keeping them away from my livestock so far, but frankly she is getting tired. And after 3 days your dogs are getting hungry. I understand that sometimes dogs get loose. My immediate neighbor has a beautiful german shorthaired pointer that loves to come tell us when she has done a jailbreak. And I understand that even well trained dogs sometimes don't understand boundaries and property lines. Yours have far left their property lines though or I would know where they belong. Your dogs are now stealing eggs and chasing livestock, mainly chickens and ducks. However, I also have baby goats and they have tried on several occasion to find a way into the goat fence. So my goats are in jail to keep them from becoming lunch to your hungry dogs. These are some really nice dogs and I can tell you have put some time into them. Unfortunately though their days are numbered. You see as a farmer it is my duty to protect my livestock. When I brought livestock here I took on the responsibility to do my best to keep them safe. They are no longer safe.I don't really understand why you haven't made any attempt at looking for the dogs, since you would have easily found them. They have been right here and at my neighbor's house. For 3 days we have played chase the dogs off. He chases them out of his yard and I chase them out of mine. They go from my yard to his. I am sure they are eyeing his chickens as well as mine. So, it has become obvious that you don't really care that your dogs are loose. I am sorry about that, I wish that you did because it is looking like I am going to have to kill them. Their hunger has driven them to be a threat to my livestock. Already this morning they have gone after the chickens and the ducks. Dakota has done her job, but she is wearing thin. Yesterday I caught one trying to get in my goat barn. The gun is loaded and I will do my best to eliminate the threat that they pose. I hope you have time in your busy schedule to come and collect them before my bullet finds them. Sincerely, your neighborhood farmer

If I could write a letter to the offending neighbor this would already have been dropped at his doorstop. Unfortunately, I have suffered more livestock losses due to neighbors dogs that run loose to wreak havoc than I have all the wild predators in the area. I have lost 3 chicken flocks to domestic dogs, hence the reason that I chose to add a livestock guard dog. She has worked hard with little sleep for 3 days now. I wish folks would understand that there are other farmers around me who are not as forgiving and shoot all dogs that cross their fenceline, no second chances. I hate to be put in this position, but I can't suffer anymore livestock losses. They can't either. We know what domestic dogs can do "for fun". Blessings, Kat


Kelle said...

This is always a tough area for me, because it truly isn't the dogs fault, it's the owners that should be shot, yet again we will SSS to protect our beloved livestock and have in the past. We too have suffered chicken losses and ONLY to domestic dogs.

We did have a steer, who thought he was a bull that would literally run and attack anything( dog, cat, geese, sandhill cranes, etc.... ,) LOL!!! that was in HIS pasture, we couldn't have had a better guard animal.

Our county does not have an animal control or even an animal shelter, so it's either adopt all strays or SSS.

teekaroo said...

Have you called animal control or the sheriff? It drives me crazy when people don't take responsibility for their dogs. Our guard dog killed several roaming dogs when we first got her. They were mad, but it was their own fault.

Kat said...

No animal control and sheriff could care less. The law states that livestock owners have the right to protect their livestock and their property in any way they see fit. Unfortunately, the final straw was when these dogs engaged both my young LGD and my old rhodesian ridgeback who has always filled that role. The RR got the worst of the battle wounds and his face is a mess. Of course, he doesn't have the fur that the pyrenees has to block bites. I agree, it isn't the dog's fault and I really hate to be put in this position. It is obvious that somebody has taken care of these dogs and that they are probably somebody's expensively trained hunting dogs. Warning gun shots don't even phase them. Kelle that is funny. My stallion used to make it his mission in life to rid the world of dogs. He is very old now though and doesn't bother them unless they are bothering him. He has fully accepted retirement. Hopefully, the owner will come looking before I get a good shot.