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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dear Neighbor Clarification

I realized how cold and harsh my last post sounded, so I thought I would clarify a few things. We do not have animal control nor a shelter in our county. The nearest shelter is completely full as they have taken in dogs from the tornado damaged area shelters. The sheriff will not deal with loose animals unless it is livestock. I have made phone call after phone call trying to find where these dogs belong. I know these dogs belong to someone and that someone has put a lot of time and money into these dogs. The local vet know they are here, many of my neighbors even further away from me know they are here, and the local feed farm (where everyone around here buys their feed) knows they are here. These dogs have already engaged my dogs, the pyrenees and the rhodesian ridgeback in a fight when the labs would not back off. Both of my dogs are injured because of this with the rhodesian ridgeback getting the worst of the injuries. He is now out of commission while he heals. So I am down to one dog who is still a growing puppy trying to do the job alone against two full grown and determined male labs. Not great odds. These dogs have raided my chicken coop for eggs, have made several attempts to gain access to the goat pasture and barn (where I have kids)and made a run at my chickens and several runs at my ducks. There is one possibility that was pointed out to me when I was making my numerous phone calls to try and find the owners of these dogs. I live in front of a hunting club, where people come from all over the place to hunt and fish. It is possible that these dogs were lost there at the club by someone who doesn't even live in this area and could not be found before the owner had to leave. And so the dogs were simply left behind. Believe me the absolute last thing that I want to do is destroy these dogs, but I have done everything I know to do to find our where they belong. They show absolutely no signs of leaving and absolutely every sign of becoming more desperate to find food. My poor chickens are locked up tight now in the chicken coop where they are hot and miserable in over 100 degree temps. My goats are locked up tight where they are miserable and it is costing me more money because of the lack of browse, so I have to hay them. I have one dog out of commission and one left to face off with two. I personally am exhausted from constantly running outside day and night. So I am terribly sorry if I sound cold and cruel, but what is happening here is cold and cruel on the part of the owner to make no attempt at finding these dogs. Folks in the area would know, since I have alerted at least a dozen folks if not more. No one has come in my direction looking for them or they would have found them. No one has contacted the vet or the feed guys to find out if anyone has seen them. I just don't know what else to do and my responsibility lies with the animals that I keep here. Hope this clarifies my position a little more. Blessings, Kat


Violet said...

I'm sorry you are having to deal with these dogs, and I don't envy you in what you're likely going to have to do. :(

Stephen said...

A few loads of buckshot would cure this problem.