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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not the Way to Start the Day

Well today was not the way to start the day. I thought things were a little odd when I entered the goat barn and everybody was outside already. It was still early and normally they are still snoozing. Not today though, everyone was outside. Then I saw why. One of my does that was not due for another few weeks had kidded in the night sometime and the baby was dead. I don't know if she was stillborn or died after birth, but she was a beautiful little chestnut doeling. The mother is a first freshener and so maybe just might have had that FF dumbness about her and not known what to do. It wasn't something that I could foresee coming and so can't beat myself up too much about not being there. I pray that this is not how my kidding season is going to go. Strawberry was a little upset much not really too bothered about the death of her baby. She has been terribly upset at the whole milking thing though and since she is terribly tight in the udder I have been milking her as much as possible several times a day to relieve the swelling. Hopefully, I will get her settled into a routine before Sugar kids. Well, I pray everyone has a great mother's day! I guess I had better get to the barn and get started so I can get cleaned up for church. I am teaching Sunday school today so I must be there for that. Blessings, Kat


Kelly said...

Sorry to hear that-two weeks early? I've been watching mine, as they are due starting on the 23rd, but two could be sooner. I'm hoping to see signs early enough to call some other homeschool families to be able to come watch. However, our experience is that from the time we see signs, it's less than 45 minutes until the kids are born. Maybe we don't check them frequently enough thru the day?

Kat said...

Doe's Code....never be consistent with birthing signs and always keep them guessing! I have one doe that gives no signs whatsoever. Last year I checked her and she still had firm ligaments, no streaming, nothing to indicate that she might be going into labor. I went inside to get something to eat and came back out about an hour later. I noticed she wasn't with the herd and headed to the barn. One kid was on the ground the other had just been delivered and she was starting to clean him off as number three making entrance. She does that everytime! It can be frustrating and that is the way THEY like it! Blessings, Kat

Kelly said...

So the one I thought might be the last to kid has filled her udder. It's pretty tight, but her vulva doesn't look swollen yet. Guess I'll be checking on her throughout the night!