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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yippeeee! It's fixed!

Yes, it is computer issues and the car. Finally my computer issues are resolved and I am no longer blocked from using anything powered by google. I am so excited as I can start blogging again. So much has been going on these days. Spring is definitely a busy time around here. A few of the goat girls are getting close to having babies and I am so looking forward to making more cheese around here. The garden is growing well and we have had some wonderful salads lately. I will be harvesting collards this week. Corn is going in in the next few days. Several families from the homeschool group are coming out for our once a month farm day and we will be going over french intensive gardening techniques. It is so much fun to have them out. The only really bad thing is the heat. It is a bit on the warm side for April and the arugula has already gone to seed...bummer. Oh well, fall will be here soon enough. The black seeded simpson and the red leaf lettuce are doing great though and holding their own. I planted bloomsdale longstanding spinach and it is doing nicely in this heat as well. The tomatoes are looking good and I have several volunteers that have come up in various places around the garden. I have also planted some new varieties so we will see how they do. We have been getting a good rain each week so only the new seeds and seedlings are needing watering more than that. I am not sure how our spring oats are going to do, the horse reached over the fence several time and chowed down so I don't know if they will recover. Milk production is up and the bunnies are breeding....well like bunnies. Lots of rabbit for meals this summer. I will try to get some pics posted this week if I can get petunia to let me borrow MY camera. She has become quite the shutter bug and working hard on her portfolio along with contest entries that will be coming up. I am just happy that she has found her niche. Anyway, blessings from the farm! Kat

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