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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weather Update

Well, things have been quite busy around the farm and the weather has not always been cooperative. In fact today we had some really nasty storms. Last week we had some really nasty storms. In fact they were really nasty. I went to my feed supplier who also happens to be my neighbor around the corner and I was shocked. Oak trees that lined the driveway were twisted and ripped in two, all the shingles on the house were gone, and the worst was when I got behind the house. The grain elevator had been twisted like a twist tie and dropped on one of the grain silos. It was a mess. A very costly mess. As you probably have figured out by now this is a family business on the family farm. They raise cattle, hay and some of their grain. What they don't raise they buy most of from other farmers in the area and the state. Very little is shipped in in the way of feed. They do a lot of business we farmer's in this area fully believe in supporting each other. If we don't support each other, then how can we expect others to do so. It was tough seeing this family hit so hard. They do have insurance and things will eventually get back to normal. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. It's like I told Dwight when I saw him that day....thank the good Lord that nobody was hurt. Things can always be replaced and rebuilt. Even the house was mostly spared, except for the roofing shingles as a huge oak tree was slammed to the ground not two feet from the side of the house. Anyway, like I said...things can always be replaced so thank God for all your little blessings. Kat

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Garden Forum said...

Oh that was bad all I can say is to stay inside the house while it's not safe to go outside. Just always be careful.