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Friday, March 18, 2011

March Update #2

Hello all! Praying that all my readers are doing well. Know that I miss blogging everyday. I seem to come up with some great ideas for posts these days and by the time I get a chance to write it out or get to my mom's computer I have forgotten. Life has been a little rough lately for our family. It seems like there is never an end to our car problems these days. The truck for the farm was scheduled to go in to be repaired Wednesday. And I believe I blogged about the aggravations with the saturn and the broken serpentine belt that turned into a "blown engine" after it went to the mechanic. If I didn't that is a whole nuther story. Anyway, so we have been down to one car while waiting for the truck to go in. Well, Monday going to work my husband hit a deer in our only running car. The car is fixable, but because of its age we did not have comprehensive insurance on it (ins. would have totalled it out) so it is on us to fix it. Needless to say the truck won't be going in this month and possibly even next month. And we are having to drive a rental car. Hopefully our car will be fixed soon, the body shop had to order parts. The main damage was to the hood and he can't find one used. Only damage to the engine compartment was the big deal. I really need my truck, but it will just have to wait. With the car issues over the past 3 months and then the computer thing, it really makes a girl just want to climb into bed and stay there for awhile. But there are goats to milk, garden to get in and a million other things to do. Fortunately we are well stocked for the next several weeks on feed and farm supplies and we are good in the house for a good long time. I just hope we will get our car back soon. Ok, that is the bad news. Now that we have that behind us lets get on to the good news. This is the first year that I have actually been on time getting the garden in....Yippeee! And it is looking good too. Cool weather crops are coming along nicely and we will see how the warm ones start doing when they come up. We have been planting loads of peas this year as that will save on grain this winter and alfalfa this winter also. Milk production is up in the one doe I still have in milk because of all the nice green she has to eat these days. Feed bill has starting dropping for the summer and it looks like my first doe to kid this season is developing a really nice little udder. Bunnies are coming along nicely and we are expecting our third litter within the next week. We should get about 5 more litters before the full heat of summer is on us and then everybody gets a break until fall. Spring is when we try to get most of the rabbit breeding done. We get a few litters in the fall, but not as many as spring. The girls are really busy during springtime. chickens are laying well and Dakota our pyrenees has been doing a great job of running off a coyote the past several nights. They are getting brave. Don't know why as they have a whole deer on the side of the road about a mile from our house, they can have at it. So other than car and computer issues things are going well. We have decided to have some homesteading type classes at the farm this spring and summer and are praying that those go well also and we have a good turnout. We will have a couple of gardening type classes and then a classes on raising rabbits for meat and then we haven't decided on the others yet. Hope things are looking bright for everyone else's future and that my friends up north are getting a few signs that spring is on its way. Trust me it is coming and doesn't look like it is gonna be here too long before summer settles in. Busy, busy busy! I will be at mom's through the weekend so will try to get some really get posts to tide everyone over for the week. Blessings from the farm, Kat


teekaroo said...

I'm the same way with having so much to write about, but I can't remember a thing when I sit down to write it. I'm getting all antsy to get on with gardening, but it's still a ways off here. I do have a few salad items that have sprouted, so that's fun.

Kelle said...

Soory Kat to hear about your vehicle woes, we certainly can relate, our older rigs are challenging us too*wink* It's still better than a payment on a vehicle for 5 yrs+ and full coverage insurance, high license fees for the first 10 yrs( at least here in MT) Thank you, even though it is frustrating at times we'll hang onto our older paid for rigs*wink* Hang in there, praying it doesn't hurt your pocketbook to much either.*sigh*

Today it's snowing in Montana, a really, really wet heavy HUGE flakes snowstorm. Our pastures will be off to a great start, PTL!

Still looking for a dairy goat, not having much sucess. If it happens it happens, if not well.... we've been dry for over 2 yrs a few more months won't kill us.

Glad to her you are on track with your garden, praying your back stays well for you, I know just working out in our hoop house mine has been sore( out of shape)

Keep us posted when you can, we love your blog :o)

Blessings for your week,

Amy said...

Wanted to say hello to my old pen pal:)