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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homemade Soap Update

Well, it has been a little over 2 months since our family first started making and using our own homemade soap. As you recall our first soap was a goat milk soap made with olive oil, lard and peanut oil. The bars dried beautifully and I have to say that I love this soap and will never return to store bought soap. The bars last a long time even with frequent use. We have been using the small bars that we molded in the muffin tins and each bar has lasted about a month in the shower. The lather is gorgeous and it rinses off well. We have soft water and I always felt like I never got store bought soap off my skin. I don't think I did because I had irritation issues from store bought soap, especially in my nether regions. I know too much information, but you know I am trying to give a full and accurate report. I am happy to report that I have absolutely no irritation issues with my homemade soap and I feel like it washes off completely. Now the best part ever....My soap leaves my skin so moisturized and soft. It is amazing that even if I forget to put lotion (homemade also) on after a shower my legs don't get that scaly look of dry winter skin. My elbows don't get dry and scaly either. I probably will make one more batch of bath soap and then we will have enough to last us throughout the year. I might put oatmeal in that one (getting brave here). The thing is that I already probably have enough at the rate we are going to last through the year and my cost for making all that soap was pennies compared to store bought soap. I estimate that I spent about the same amount making a year's supply as I did buying a month's supply before. So definitely a savings. Then you have to consider that I gifted about a dozen bars of it for Christmas, so I figure an even bigger savings there. I even used some of it on one of our dogs who has serious skin allergies and it seems to have eased her itching. I think that is why I am considering adding the oatmeal to the next batch mainly for her. So for those of you considering making your own I would highly suggest jumping in there and doing so. I really can't think of any drawbacks to soap making other than it could become addictive and it does require a little time and effort. But just think I spent about 3 hours making a year's supply of soap. Really not that much time investment if you ask me. Blessings and happy soapmaking. Kat

Here is the link to the soap recipe post from December: My first soap
For the laundry soap I just used 48 oz. of waste fat no rhyme or reason just what I had and water instead of milk, but essentially the same hot process recipe. Blessings


Rick said...

Hi there. Great work on your Blog, love to read your new entries. Could you email me the specifics of your soap recipe ?

Thanks much

Kelle said...

We've been making our own soap since last summer( in small batches so far) but I plan to make a large batch soon. First I need to pick up some coconut oil at the health food store tomorrow( if our car is fixed by then*sigh*)

We too love our soap and I am so sensitive to any kind of soap, makeup, perfume, etc.... I was worried about our soap, but as you said, NO Problems whatsoever.

Yes, are you willing to share your recipe, I'll share mine with you if you'd be interested( it doesn't contain milk)


Kat said...

I updated this post with the link to my soap recipe. Blessings to you both, Kat