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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tightwad Tip-Stay Home

This is such an obvious tip that I don't know why I didn't post it earlier. We don't go anywhere until we have to and then we do other things on that outing so that we don't make unnecessary trips. For instance, Monday night is skating night. So that means any errands are run on Monday afternoon and then skating is the last stop. Friday is piano and guitar, again any errands are done that day. Sunday is church and used for emergency errands. The rest of the days of the week we try to stay home and most of the time do unless something comes up, like the piano recital last Saturday. Very often this means that a tank of gas will last me 2 weeks. On our days out we also go by and check on my Mama and visit with her. We stay longer if we don't have many errands to do, since we usually don't have many each week. This sure does save money and gives us time to accomplish things around here. I know that for me is a big deal. I have friends who stay in the road and then they ask me how I do all that I do....well the answer is simple....I stay home. This also means that I am not the most popular woman around. I have turned down many church volunteer activities and social things that happen each and every single day at our church. We are at church Sunday morning and Sunday night. I do not need to be at church at 8 am Monday morning or Tuesday at noon or Thursday at 2 every single week. I have children to teach and a farm to run. Anyway, I am getting off track. The point is staying out of the road will save you loads of money and free up loads of time. Consolidate trips and then enjoy your home. Blessings, Kat


Kelle said...

In 100% agreement, and I'm not a popular woman either but before I became so "wise"*wink* I was the lady who helped with everything and everyone and you know what the lesson was that I learned, when you stop they don't treat you any different than if you'd said "No" in the first place. Basically they don't appreciate your time anyhow!

I'm a homebody anyway, I'm not much for crowds or crowded places, I like the wide open spaces, sunshine, birds singing, geese honking and working with our animals. That is what brings me true JOY!


Willows Edge Farm said...

So agree! I have a hard time wanting to leave the farm, but when I do, I try to make a nice circle, get what I need and get home. Crowds? Sheesh, I'm to much of an introvert I guess :-)

Janice said...

Great post! I think I enjoyed it so much because I'm in total agreement with it. I like to limit our "town days" to a maximum of two a week. Doing this helps to keep my to-do list on schedule and saves us money as well. Each round-trip into town costs us around $8 in gas. The monetary cost is certainly a factor in my decision on whether we go into town or not.

I may not be the most popular lady either, but I much rather my children remember growing up on our farm instead of growing up in the back of our van.