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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morning after soap results

Well, the soap has had a chance to set up overnight. I cut it this morning and placed it on a rack to dry some more. Apparently it will continue to harden a bit. I think I might have waited too long before putting in the mold because some of the bars just didn't mold well and then fell apart. I wound up with 10 really nice bars, some decent size chunks from broken bars (still big enough to use, just not for gifts). I also wound up with lots of shavings and little tiny bits from cleaning up the edges of the bars and the bars that broke apart. No problem, you know we don't waste anything around here. I took the little bits and pieces and places them in old juice bottles, then filled the bottles with hot water....voila liquid hand soap. While doing this I got tons of soap on my hands and wound up washing it off numerous times. You would think that my hands would be a bit dry....nope they are silky smooth. This is a great moisturizing soap recipe. I absolutely love it, especially for winter when my skin gets so dry. I don't like the herb de provence though. I just don't like the smell, which is funny because I love to open my jar of this herb mix and smell it. However, it lost something when added to the soap. It doesn't smell terribly bad, just not something I will use again. Anyway, I am going to make another batch of soap today. I might use the same oils or combine them differently, I don't know I really like the way this moisturizes. I am definitely going to use lime zest though for my scent (I have a few limes that I need to use up). lemon balm is still growing well maybe I could chop some of that up and use it too. Then I would have lemon/lime fragrance. My goal this time will be to have the soap mold better and not seem like it was molded in sections, maybe I will use my muffin tins and then I won't have to cut it. That's an idea. Well, I will let you know how batch number two comes and try to remember to take photos of the process. Blessings from the farm, Kat


Kelle said...

Hello Kat,
Isn't making soap fun, each batch can be so different due to, dyes, essencial oils and herbs added. We don't like a lot of scent but do like the pretty soap!

Hey is your recipe a secret or would you share it? Our hands are so dry.

Thanks for sharing your results :o)

Kat said...

Kelle, the recipe is in the post previous to this one. I used it in the shower this morning and my skin feels silky smooth. Enjoy.