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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Use the Scrap Challenge-Washcloths

Yesterday, I decided that I needed some new washcloths. I don't know where all my washcloths have run off too (probably the same place as the socks), but I can never seem to find one. Instead of running off to the store to buy any, I pulled out my huge scrap fabric box. I had some great pieces of flannel and cotton just the right size to make good washcloths. So I used the flannel as an inner layer between two pieces of cotton. Like this:

Then I simply used an overlock stitch to sew the edges. I could have made a nice hem or border, but these are washcloths and I wasn't real concerned with them being pretty.

I used what fabric I had and used some thread on bobbins that are kind of odd. I also have all sorts of thread that is in colors that I rarely use so instead of white or another color that I commonly use, I used hot pink something used rarely. This was a good opportunity to use supplies that don't get used much and save what I do use a lot of. I also used up some more of my scrap material. It took me about an hour to make 8 washcloths. Less time that going to town to buy any and look at all the money I saved in gas and cost. Blessings, Kat

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