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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Montessori this week

Well, so far we have done pretty well at setting up our Montessori area. Here are some photos of our area so far.

This is our reading and art area. I am still working on getting our art supplies here so it is still a little bare, but she is happy to be able to get them out by herself with the exception of the paints which live on the porch for obvious reasons.

This is our sensorial area the buckets to the right have her geometric blocks and regular blocks which have been great for learning geometric figures like cylinders and pyramids. In this area we mostly have stuff that will build her fine motor skills along with presenting her with concepts that will build into math skills later.

This is our practical life table with pouring and spooning excercises. We also have a basting and funnel activity in the middle. Again these types of activities teach body control and concentration along with developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. We don't have a whole lot in the practical life area since so much of her practical life takes place elsewhere in the house. For instance, we washed carrots and potatoes in the kitchen and then she peeled them with a vegetable peeler (the kind that can be pulled along), then she washed windows and learned to properly dust and wipe tables. She is also setting the table for dinner and helping to fold clothes. Anyway, just a little start to our Montessori blogs to give everyone an idea of where we are going and what has been happening. Blessings, Kat

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