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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Looking Back at the Year

I found my post from the beginning of the year in which I listed the things that I would like to get accomplished for this year. It is interesting to look back on such a busy fly by year and realize how much or how little we accomplished of our year's aspirations. However, when looking back we must remember that life has its own agenda and doesn't always go exactly as planned. So I thought it would be fun to take a look at what I wanted to get done vs. what actually was accomplished. So here is the list and those things that have been done or are in progress have been italicized in bold print.

Grow in my relationship with Jesus Christ, work to come closer to Him and what He wants for me. I work on this daily as it is the first thing that I do in the mornings.

Have more patience with my husband While I have worked on this throughout the year, I do think that as of late I have been failing a bit.

Plant a new orchard

increase the size of the garden, grow some new varieties of tomatoes, and more sunflowers We did do this to some extent with the exception of the sunflowers. Our "new tomatoes this year were Purple Cherokee and Borgo Cellano. The cherokee did not do very well, but the cellanos were great.

Spend more time sewing I truly and working on this and it has been made much easier since dictating Fridays to be sewing day.

At least build the outdoor oven, would like to have the whole summer kitchen but....

Raise ducks and turkeys for the freezer We made an attempt at this with the ducks. Our females died and left us with just the boys. Will look to add more in the spring.

Incubate more eggs to increase the size of the flock

Keep only one spring doeling! Butcher all bucklings and sell extra doelings We definitely did this as it was a banner year for boys here and only one spring doeling born.

Get one to two inches of compost spread in the goat pasture, garden, and orchard pasture Done

Increase the compost piles (both size and number) Done

Get firewood cut and stacked earlier in the year

Make time for target practice Done

spend more time with the horses

have more family game nights Each week we have a family game night, usually Thursday night when hubby is home for the evening.

rebuild the solar shower (outdoor summer shower)

plant a berry patch

thin out the pine thicket

get rid of excess clutter I am working and progressing in this area.

So all in all it hasn't been too bad of a year. I have accomplished many of the goals or at least made an attempt at it. The year of course is not over, but obviously some things will have to simply wait. Patience is really what this life is all about. Things get done and added in due time and we must have patience to wait for that time when it is right. Well, time to hit the barn. Blessings from the farm, Kat

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Kelly said...

Awesome! I made a similar list and reviewed a few weeks ago to see what I still needed to work on. Our garden was a bust this year, so some of our goals were nixed by that.

Patience with there's a good goal!