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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Great Scrap Challenge Update

Well, so far I have done pretty good in finding uses for my bags of fabric scraps and actually gotten rid of one whole bag (ok it was a small one, but still). Here is what I have made from nothing but scraps and leftovers:
3 potholders, 1 pretty one and two functional ones
2 hair scrunchies
several pockets to be sewn on other things
a kitchen towel
two bags to hold a game for the little one's Christmas
3 hair bows for the little one

and I have a pair of mittens cut out of some fleece scrap for the little one. All of the above items were made with the scraps from one bag. For the potholders I sewed the outer shell, or use blue jean legs and then stuffed them with bits and pieces of fleece that I had left over from last winter's fleece projects. To keep the bits and pieces of fleece from moving around too much I then sewed a + in the middle of the potholder. Like I said two are functional and not very pretty, but one of them is pretty and I even trimmed it out with a bit of white leftover corduroy. So I got some useful items with minimal effort and absolutely no cost. Blessings, Kat

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