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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pie Day at the Fair

Well, Wednesday night was Pie Day at the Fair. I entered two pies, a Mint Kentucky Derby Pie and a Pear Granola Pie. Neither of them won, but apparently the Kentucky Derby Pie was a hit with the other contestants because it disappeared within minutes of the winners announcements. I think that is what makes these competitions so much fun...sampling everyone's hard work and getting ideas for our own home baking. I should have had whipped cream on the pear pie, it would have been better. However, I was out of heavy cream and prefer that as much as possible is homemade, so refuse to use store bought whipped topping. Besides mine is better. Oh well, I have a year to come up with new pie ideas for next year. I am thinking of a grasshopper type pie (can you tell I like mint?!). I found a recipe for zucchini pie that might be interesting to experiment with. I was too chicken to try that for the fair, it really might be yucky. Then what would I have done. Anyway, I took a break last night (Mexican night) and will take another break tonight (Appetizer night). I have a great appetizer idea but really just don't have the energy. Besides, my daughter and I need to start getting our cakes together. Tonight we will get the fillings made for the layers. I am going to be doing the Casserole competition tomorrow along with working on our cakes. Mine is a Dark Fudge cake with Raspberry filling and my daughter is doing a Coconut Lime cake. She has to make the candied lime slices for the decorations and the filling tomorrow and I have to make my filling tomorrow. We will also bake the layers tomorrow also. That way we just have to put them together. I will probably put mine completely together along with decorations (raspberries and chocolate curls) tomorrow and then put it in the freezer. That way I will have more time to help her with hers on Sunday after church. This has been such a fun and exhausting week! Blessings from the farm, Kat


Kelle said...

It sounded fun, even if you didn't get first prize*wink* Thank you for sharing your "Fair" experience with us, I may just have nerve enough to enter our county fair next summer :o)

teekaroo said...

That sounds so fun. We don't have anything like that here.