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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have a plan.......

So, I have really been thinking about this sewing thing. I really need to get back to sewing on a regular basis. Now that things are slowing down a bit with the garden and outdoor chores maybe I can do this. So my plan is to sew on Fridays. I usually have all the laundry for the week done on Thursday and don't start again until Monday. Friday my husband is home and in the afternoon he takes our oldest to Piano and Guitar lessons....good quality father/daughter time without the little one fighting for Daddy's attention. I can work on the cleaning out clutter during the rest of the days of the week and just focus my attention on the little one (who takes a nap in the afternoon) and getting all of this sewing done. I really need to do this since I am going to have an almost naked 3 year old this winter if I don't get busy. I hope this works. Not all of my plans do as I get distracted easily. I already have the pile of repairs for tomorrow and the laundry is done. Yippeee! Oh, and Fridays will be crockpot suppers to make my day even more efficient for sewing. Blessings, Kat


Elizabeth said...

There is always 'something' to distract us, isn't there :) I hope your plan works!

Kelle said...

Sounds like a plan, I need to follow in your footsteps*wink* I need to find time to cleanup our spare room, paint and get set up for holiday crafts and whatnot! Thanks for the idea!
Blessings for your day,