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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween...another step away from worldly things

As many of you know we as a family have been on a journey. Our journey has been a closer walk with God through His son our Savior Jesus Christ. Our journey has taken on many aspects from homeschooling, to homesteading and so many things in between. Each year we learn something new as the Lord takes us on this journey. A couple of years ago we began to learn the deeper darker secrets of this celebration now called Halloween. Last year we learned even more and even though felt convicted to have nothing more to do with it, struggled and failed to separate ourselves from this "worldly" event. It is difficult to struggle with the world especially those in the world that you dearly love. This year our convictions were stronger and this year we will stand together in our determination to not participate in Halloween. Not only have our convictions been stronger but God's presence and help with our struggle is so much more evident this year. There has been no grief from other members of the family, even my oldest daughter said that she felt this was right and had no problem with it and would help teach the little one. I don't write this to judge anyone. I simply want others struggling with their convictions to know that they are not alone. Prayer is a powerful tool and the Lord is so good to help ease our struggles when we are earnestly reaching toward the path that He has laid for us. Believe me, this has been a spiritual struggle for my husband and I. We grew up celebrating this holiday and faithfully dressed up our oldest and took her trick or treating. The journey is not always easy and not always the most pleasant, but in the end it is always rewarding. Since the children have so willingly understood (Thank you Lord), they did get to go to the store and pick out their favorite candy. I know, not so healthy! But, I figured they were sacrificing quite a bit and so I could sacrifice just a little. Anyway, for anyone else on their journey who would like to understand just what it is that this "fun" little night is all about here is a video and then a link to two articles that you might find helpful and interesting. May the Lord our God bless you and keep you, Kat
Halloween and the Forces of Darkness
Halloween and the Occult


~mc~ said...

Good for you, and your family!

I never observed Hallowe'en growing up as a child, but gave into temptation as a parent and allowed my older children to particpate a couple of years.

But it never felt right to me, and the struggle was not worth it ... so we longer "do it" and my youngest one will hopefully never really "know" what it is.

Kelle said...

Your story sounds so familiar. We too participated in Halloween with our children, then the Lord spoke to our hearts about separating ourselves from worldly ways. When I investigated into the true celebration of Halloween, I was horrified.

We made the transition by making a day special for them and having a small party with friends in early Oct. or early Nov. Pretty soon they grew tired of this, so we just did a movie night with homemade pizza and homemade goodies.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Excellent video regarding this "holiday". I was asked, last minute, to teach in our children's ministry this Oct. 31 and I used several of the same scriptures while teaching against participation in Halloween.

Only months after accepting the Lord as my Saviour, I was also convicted and that very year our stopped participating. Oct. 31 is just another day around our house since we do not participate in substitutions such as harvest festivals, etc.


Preciouspeas said...

Your story sounds just like ours. We too fell into the habit that since we grew up celebrating it, how could it be that bad? We hear all about how innocent the day really is when you don't celebrate the "darkness" of the day, but rather allow your children to dress up as fairy princesses. I argue back that it puts us on a slippery slope downward when we condone one innocent behavior - what's next, reading Twilight and Harry Potter books, watching REALLY scary movies, placing skeletons and dead people all over our front lawns - pretty soon all of this becomes okay too? God never said our lives would be easy - full of grace and love, but never easy to be different than the world.