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Thursday, October 28, 2010

De-Clutter Update...Books and Toys

Well, today was a good day for the my de-cluttering goals. I reduced the amount of toys in my little one's bedroom by 1 box, 1 garbage bag and 4 large toys too big to fit into anything. I also got some stained clothing out of their that is also too small that will be used in the sewing scrap challenge. Then I moved on to the books and boy was that a challenge. Getting rid of books is like getting rid of old friends, so it is something that must be done quickly and without much thought. Their are a couple of rules though to the book downsizing...classics stay and educational stays if worthwhile. I also have a few favorite authors that I am prone to read again so they typically stay in our collection. We found lots of books that we thought we had read, but hadn't so those will stay for a time. I guess that will challenge us to really get reading this coming year so that we can send those books packing before new ones come home. All in all, I have 4 boxes of books out of the house. So that is quite a bit of stuff moving out of the house just today. Now tomorrow is sewing day and the start of my scrap challenge so hopefully some more stuff will either be moved out or used constructively. Hope your day was just as productive as you wished it to be. Blessings, Kat

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Anonymous said...

I need to purge books too... it's hard! Also hard not to buy more. Maybe you've given me the project for next weekend though.